16 March, 2020 20:19

The island of Ireland is preparing to do battle with an unseen enemy. This tiny nation has to do what’s best for it’s citizens.
We all need to remember who we are as a people. The measures taken will ensure our safety & we will not starve. Our elderly & vulnerable must be protected. It’s up to us to ensure this. The news will bombard us with frightening statistics & end of days scenes. Please use your common sense.
We are going to get through this.
We will get through it even better if we look out for each other.
A viral clip of Italian residents singing from all their houses on to the streets, showed the resilience of the human spirit. Fear will only divide us.
The measures our governments are taking are to ensure our safety. Life will go on. Albeit, Differently but we all must step up. Remember who you are.
Know that your ancestors blood, that flows through you survived wars, famine, poverty & worse. You are here today because of that.
Remember your strength.
We all need to take a collective deep breath…..and release. Every news release carries anxiety peppered throughout.

We will not run out of loo roll!

Let elders go in front of you in the queue, they are scared & don’t have the immunity younger adults possess. Check in with friends / family members that could be auto immune compromised.
We need to work together, for it is by working together that we will get through this.
Host watch parties on Facebook, have family / friend WhatsApp chats! Finish that book / jigsaw / box set you’ve put to one side. For those more industrious….get the paintbrushes out & give your home a makeover!
Self isolation does not have to be lonely when you know you are surrounded by love.
Never forget the blood that flows through your veins. We are the living descendants from the great famine. Our ancestors pulled through the worst form of ethnic cleansing ever seen on this island. We come from strong stock.
It’s time to close your door & open your heart.
You got this….

©️Fiona Ní Mhuirri

By Fiona Faery

10 March, 2020 10:57

I’m sitting in a coffee shop, the rain is falling heavily outside. So hard that the droplets are forming interconnected streams, racing each other down the window!
The corona virus has swept fear across the world. An epidemic of panic buying, coupled with an “every man for himself” attitude has people fighting over toilet paper in stores.
There’s an energy of distrust in the air. You’re either in the camp of bulk buying disaster mode or your scratching your head at folk wearing masks crossing the street……..!
I’ve found myself pondering the question “did people not wash their hands before this?”
I was brought up with animals, so my mother was very strict about washing hands etc. If anything it’s brought it more into our awareness. Which is a good thing. What I don’t feel is healthy is this paranoia that is lingering in the air.
It’s only several weeks since Caroline Flack has passed & the hashtag #bekind was on all of our newsfeeds. Those same rag Mags & “news outlets” are now peddling panic.
We need to keep informed, but it’s also important that we stick to a reputable news source & unfollow any scaremongering sites.
There are many that have genuine cause for concern. Those with autoimmune disorders & the elderly need our concern.
You stocking up? Check on your elderly neighbour or those you know have comprised immune systems as they are genuinely in fear of going outside.
Fear can seep it’s way into your nervous system & it can develop a herd mentality , that even we find difficult to comprehend. I understand it perfectly.
We are so connected as a species and it is in times of difficulty that our collective fight or flight kicks in. Panic can spread like wildfire.

We all need to take a collective deep breath. This will pass. Life will go on. Remember Kindness?
Unplug yourself from the matrix, reconnect with your common sense and bloody use it!!!!
We are all in this together….when we come together in our communities, we can affect change in ways we never thought possible. Let’s be sensible, follow the protocols….but let kindness be your guide. It’s gonna be ok….

©️Fiona Ní Mhuirri

By Fiona Faery

26 February, 2020 10:33

Shit things happen in life.
You get dumped.
You get a diagnosis.
You are made redundant.
You get fired.
You are betrayed.
You are lied to.
You get bullied.
You fail.
You get turned down.

Often, it’s out of the blue.
On a rainy Tuesday, you’re thinking what you’ll have for dinner later & BAM….comes that phone call / text message that will change your life. We all react differently.
Some of us crumble completely.
Some adopt a stoic acceptance of their fate.
Some get proactive and educate themselves on their rights, options & facts on their situation. Some get mad.
Some seek revenge.
When life strikes, we can feel completely overwhelmed by sadness. A part of ourselves wants to hop in a time machine & go back to that time BC..(before the crisis!).
As we know deep in our hearts that a lighter part of ourselves will not be resurfacing for some time, as the human brain rushes to protect itself from the onset of severe anxiety , stress, anger, loneliness & fear that’s about to assault it over the next few months. As you try to grapple with the realisation that this is now your life. It is happening to you , not to other people…this is your real living nightmare. There is no waking up. This must be lived through.
It is during these times we need support. Sadly, in a lot of cases the ones who should be giving the support, are the ones that have caused the damage!!!
For the ‘fortunate’ few who’s loved ones haven’t stabbed them in the back, it is essential you lean on them, ask for help & allow yourself to be surrounded by love.
For the betrayed, seek therapy , connect with friends. Protect your mental health at all costs. You need to get grounded, as the world around you is spinning.
Boring basic stuff really makes a big difference. Exercise, even if it’s a 20 minute walk can help lighten your mood. Drinking water can give your thoughts more clarity. Getting to bed early, will help you get a sense of routine & order in your life. Keep talking.
It really does help.
Anger can also be a really constructive force. Too much and it rages like a bush fire destroying everything in its path, but just the right amount has incredible restorative capabilities. For example rage cleaning your house and donating your cheating exe’s clothes to the nearest charity are fantastic ways of taking your power back! I don’t advocate donating all Your exes clothes to charity…..but you catch my drift!!!!!
Anger when channeled correctly can become a force of positive change. When we become angry with our government, we use our vote , we protest, we rally & before you know it…a movement has started. Don’t believe me? Just ask one angry teenager called Greta Thunberg. Her rallying cry resonated with millions of us that were sick of the sycophants.
We took to the streets in our millions…..all because of one girls angst for the planet.
Developing cognitive coping mechanisms during this time are also incredibly helpful. Seeing a good therapist can help identify destructive thoughts patterns & spot your triggers. Taking care of your physical health & diet can help educate you to self destructive behaviours around food & fitness.
Joining a support group can give reassurance. Forming a new routine or making new friends can help rebuild their pieces of your shattered self. You are not alone.
It may feel like it, but trust me somewhere In the universe is another poor sod being dealt the exact same blow. You are in transition.
This state is temporary.
The power is in your hands and the only person who gets to dictate how your next chapter is written is you….

©️Fiona Ní Mhuirri

By Fiona Faery

15 February, 2020 22:27

I wrote about love the other day. Today I want to write about kindness.
Tv presenter Caroline Flack took her life on Valentine’s Day.
There is no doubt this vulnerable woman had issues, but there is blood on the hands of every internet troll & news publication that ran defamatory stories about her.
Caroline’s death is the 3rd from the Love island reality series.
Cancel culture kills.
As a society we have become desensitised & dehumanise our celebrities. Build those celebrities up, and the moment they show any signs of being human…take equal relish in tearing them down.
I want every single person reading this to look at the online publications you subscribe too.
We all have to take collective responsibility in subscribing to these rag mags, gossip columns & dodgy “news” outlets.
For us it was a 5 minute read with a cuppa, for the person who was living that hell…it was their life, their character , their looks, weight, reputation, talent, being dragged through the mire.
The argument that this goes with the turf, simply doesn’t cut the mustard any more. We are living in times where you can literally connect with your favourite celebrities online, this also leaves them vulnerable to twisted, hateful attacks from trolls.
There is an undercurrent of jealousy & begrudgery toward celebrities. The fact that they have somehow “made it”, makes them fair game.
They are human beings.
Can you imagine If someone you loved was being trolled online?
If it was your child you would go straight into their school & speak to the principal. If it was an adult , you would seek out h.r. department etc.
Celebrities are seen as bankable commodities. Intimate Photos selling for hundreds of thousands.
We the public, are the ones that fuel the fire & keep those salacious engines churning out garbage. It’s time to collectively unsubscribe from such media outlets. It’s time to bring the humanity back into how we approach celebrity.
Before that spotlight they have been placed under, ultimately ends up extinguishing their light.
Be kind.
Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Words have the power to lift you up or ultimately destroy an individual.
Sadly, in this case it contributed to one woman ending her life.
We need to do better as a society.
Think before you type…

©️Fiona Ní Mhuirri

By Fiona Faery

14 February, 2020 11:47

Love is the greatest power of all.
Millions of songs & poems have been written about it. The capacity our hearts have to give love is immense. Truly, when we fall in love there is no greater feeling of invincibility in the world.
We are all living in dark times. Political Demigods incite Hatred & division amongst us. Where there is fear, there is hate. Hate perpetuates homophobia, racism, misogyny etc.
Each & every one of us has a shadow side.
It reminds me of this native Indian proverb:
One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people.

He said, “My son, the battle is between two “wolves” inside us all.

One is Evil. It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.

The other is good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith.”

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather: “Which wolf wins?”

The old Cherokee simply replied, “The one you feed.”

Our life experience dictates which wolf you feed. Our internal battles influences each decision we make. The wolf is another term for your ego. If your ego is in the driving seat you are in trouble, but if you temper your ego with wisdom from your soul..your choices will be balanced by love.
There are days, we allow a driver to cut in front of us…and there are other days we stubbornly block them! All of these choices are dictated by our moods.
Here’s the thing, we gave the capacity to spread so much love. We can be a light in another person’s day, sometimes without even knowing. Choose kindness every time. As we are all fighting different battles within us at any given time. Why do we have one day to celebrate love?
Truly every day is an opportunity to celebrate love in your life? To say “I love you”, to a loved one, to give a compliment , to spread a little kindness. To practise self love.

If you knew how much power that beautiful heart of yours holds, you are a walking divine miracle.

May you walk this year surrounded by love.
May you acknowledge the divine in you.
May you be grateful for the love that surrounds you
May you know you are loved more then you know….

Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️

©️Fiona Ní Mhuirri

By Fiona Faery

12 January, 2020 21:18

The new year has officially begun.
The Decorations are down for another year. That bare feeling that resides in the home, after all the lights & tinselled tree have been returned to their place in the attic.
We are all back to work & the schools are brimming with activity once more.
January is a fantastic time for a clear out, energetically & physically.
After the Christmas purge you have literally created space.
We hold space for others so often , we forget to hold space for ourselves.
I’ve never understood the new year , new me concept!
I’m going to continue to be me ,but learn from past mistakes, not using them as rods for my back but stepping stones to my future.
I love the space a January clear out gives me, in my closets, fridge & pantry. The house gets gutted, and you begin to realistically ground yourself. Economically you reign in the purse strings, folk attempt a veganary or dry January! We have clear outs on many levels. A high amount of break ups happen in January, ironically this year I saw an even higher amount just before Christmas this year!
The chinese year of the Rat approaches In February.
Rats are industrious creatures, making this a great year for all
Kinds of planing, be it family planning or financial. Discipline & perseverance are key.
Actually, come to think of it those two words sum up January pretty well!
We can drag ourselves through the proverbial hedge this month , as gyms are fit to bursting with good intentions & weight loss subscriptions go through the roof.
May I suggest a 3rd word?
How about kindness?
When you are ready to truly embrace a new idea , person , concept etc … you feel ready on every single level. Something inside you clicks into place, even if you’ve attempted it many times before , this time it feels different you know it will be successful.
If that’s the feeling you get and you’re embarking on anything I’ve already mentioned or another project …GO FOR IT!
Throw everything you got at it, that resolve , coupled with patience & discipline will
See you in good stead.
However, if you are going into this year with half arsed , resolutions out the window, glass half full attitude….how about you be kind to yourself in January.
Slow down.
Listen to your body. Rest if you must. Don’t give up, just allow your intuition to speak to you.
Anxiety can cloud the intuition. Getting outside to clear your head, helps you connect to your truth, your breath and internal rhythm. What makes you happy?
When was the last time you did something just for the fun of it? What steps can you take toward your dreams this year?
Do You still dream?
Is it time to break out of a self imposed rut of comfort?
Take baby steps.
Start with a single flame of curiosity. It’s kindle keep close to
Your chest as the faintest breeze of negativity will quench it instantly. Allow yourself to be guided to places, people, hobbies that begin to ignite that spark, soon your curiosity, will
Awaken the passion inside once more and you will feel alive in so many ways.
Our sparks can be dimmed by loneliness , cruelty, illness , unemployment, bereavement, divorce, betrayal etc. You have a choice to find a way to ignite your inner light. It starts with you being kind to yourself. Loving yourself.
Taking one day at a time.
Use this month as a reset button, ask yourself what are the small steps you need to take for a new chapter to form in reality.
Be kind.
Always choose kindness.
Starting with yourself right now.

©️Fiona Ni Mhuirri

By Fiona Faery

31 December, 2019 21:52

If you are sitting at home reading this, looking at all the new year, new me posts. Scrolling absentmindedly through your feed with a heavy heart.
Looking at filtered images of illusionary projections, Reading re-shared memes with passive aggressive undertones.
Stall the scrolling there for two seconds! I see you!
You know this is all bullshit right?
If you have your feet up with shit telly on or if you’re on your phone trying to escape the above & thinking you could be so much better off….you could be one of those eejets that posts “I’m bored” statuses!
There’s someone in a hospital bed right now that would love to have that healthy complaint.
Before you start littering peoples newsfeeds or messenger boxes with messages of goodwill. (which really grates my gears & clutters up my inbox!) How many of those people on that friends list of yours have you actually spoken to in the last year, how many have you actually met?
When was the last time you lifted the phone & connected?
There are 3 times a year I see people act very strangely , Christmas , New Year’s Eve & Valentine’s Day.
It does not take another human being to complete you.
There I said it.
As if looking into the abyss of single hood is a fate worse then death. You need a healthy dose of cop on…
I’ve seen so many people crippled by their loneliness in a loveless marriage, because they were so terrified of being “left on the shelf” they settled for anyone that would have them on any terms.
Grief can destroy you.
This time of year is especially shit, as there are constant reminders of family, family , family.
There are no Christmas ads with widows etc.
The family Stone, is one of the more recent pictures that depicts a less then perfect Christmas & coping with grief during the Christmas period. It’s probably why it’s one of my favourite Christmas films.
I’ve seen posts about how folk aren’t feeling like it was Christmas.
Christmas isn’t a feeling you can buy. You can spend a couple of grand on an all expensive trip to Lapland and still be miserable (and a few grand lighter!!).
The power has been inside you all along.
Your loved ones in spirit walk with you every day and live on through you. Their blood flows through your veins. Doesn’t change the fact that they are gone , but the love you have for them is more precious then the rarest gem.
If you’re miserable in your life right now and are feeling very sorry for yourself…start counting your blessings.
You are the only person who has the ability to choose your life’s path. We may not have a choice over what happens to us , but we sure as hell can choose what our next steps will be.
Will they be steps taken in
Bitterness? Resentment? Revenge?
Do you choose to rise from the ashes and rebuild yourself?
Seek out the helpers, engage with your community , look after your mental health & love that beautiful heart of yours.
Your job does not define you
Your looks do not define you
Your marriage status does not define you
You alone are in charge of your destiny. If it means telling your inner critic to shut the hell up..and looking at what you love about yourself instead of how you are failing at life, by comparing yourself to some gobshite’s pictures on Facebook who you don’t even like by the way!!!!
Go for that walk tomorrow. Ring that friend. Apologise. Laugh. Cry. Make love.
This life is for living not existing.
Move in to 2020 with hope in your heart and fire in your belly.
May your ancestors walk with you
May you be blessed with courage
May you look upon others with empathy
May your words be tempered with kindness
May joy find you in unexpected places
May you find the value of your time
May your boundaries be defined

Blessed be.

©️Fiona Ní Mhuirri

By Fiona Faery

27 December, 2019 17:59

As I drove home today, my heart full from spending a Christmas with loved ones I drove past a graveyard.
Two women stood, arms interlocking looking down upon a grave. I could feel their longing, happier memories with their deceased loved one being shared between them.
It made me think how life has so many twists & turns. We are constantly rushing toward the next goal, saving for the next holiday, looking for our next romance. In the midst of the ordinary can strike life changing moments. Betrayal , death, sickness, unemployment, addiction and your family are never the same again.
It is those magical memories , of love & laughter that carry you through the trauma.
I’ve thought a lot about the expression “it’s the presence under the tree that counts, not the presents”.
I feel we are beginning to turn away from materialistic Christmases , whereby thousands of perfect Instagram images flood our timelines.
I’ve seen more family photos posted this year, reunions & celebrations.
Truly, if it’s one thing I’ve noticed is we are changing as a society.
So many households put their lights up early this year. Wanting to bring joy into their homes.
Acute awareness around homelessness etc. One Irish blogger called Rosie Connolly raised over a quarter of a million for children’s charities by the auctioning of a designer handbag. Eco campaigners such as Greta Thunberg are making us conscious consumers.
There are so many subtle energetic shifts I’ve observed over the last year, that I feel through these dark political times we collectively are taking responsibility for the light. It is up to us to campaign , to use our voices. 2019 has shown us that one voice no matter how small has the power to rally a war cry if necessary.
The darkness can make us bitter.
It is only our choices that can make things better.
Horrible things happen to good people, betrayal always comes from those that are dear. Justice is not guaranteed , money talks and it is rare to find a person who places integrity before their own self interest.
All of the above are powerful & painful lessons. I’ve been brought to my knees only to realise years later the wisdom lies on the other side of pain, if you don’t allow your heart to harden.
We are all connected.
You make a difference.

The more we look out for one another, choose kindness , integrity & holding others accountable for their words.
If you’ve had a rough Christmas, I hope 2020 brings a positive change in your circumstance and you protect your beautiful heart. If you’ve had a wonderful Christmas, take a picture with your eyes, cherish it and keep it close to your heart, for it will be the kindle that ignites your weary soul in the darkest of nights…..

©️Fiona Ní Mhuirri

By Fiona Faery

23 October, 2019 09:43

Last week was one of the most extraordinary weeks of my career.
Within hours of reading for a top blogger my website crashed under the deluge of traffic. In the days that followed, I ended up reading for a second popular blogger and my modest Instagram account went from a thousand followers to over 7 thousand in 4 days….
Last Monday I watched in shock as my phone became possessed and I had to turn off notifications!!! My 3 cats were purring away, Gizmo stretched across my lap, whilst Cara & Luna were fast asleep either side of me! All of them oblivious to my state of disbelief!

The range my posts have now is truly unbelievable. I’m so grateful.
The support from all of you has truly touched me. So many clients came through the door in sligo this weekend genuinely happy for me. The Faery office feels like it’s been hit by a tornado.
The office structure has to change & the new website is under development.
Sadly, there’s also the begrudgers…why they bother to follow me I don’t understand? If you’ve nothing nice to say, don’t say it at all! I want everyone to succeed. I mind my own business and stay in my own lane. I create my own content. I’m beholden to no one.

I’ve been given such a lift personally , it has brought about so much inspiration. I’ve so many ideas!
I’m back to scribbling down thoughts in a notepad..I stopped doing that a while back.
I’ve undergone so much change in my personal life and I’m all the more wiser for it. It’s made me sharper and I’m more direct than I’ve ever been. I know I was put on this earth to be an empath.
I also know it has been through my darkest times I gained the most precious insights and I’m truly grateful for those lessons.
I’ve found myself looking at all the people who have left my life. I can now be truly grateful for the good and equally the bad. Reconciling the past has opened the doorways of opportunity into my life. I began to believe again.
I was incredibly fortunate to have a nasty mentor (yes, you read that right!).
That individual has taught me so much about who I don’t wish to be as a medium and a person. It’s the very reason I avoided publicity as I directly related it to being an asshole of the highest order and throwing anyone under the bus to make yourself look good. I was wrong.
Fame doesn’t make you an asshole. You were one to begin with all along. In the last few weeks, I’ve been connecting with dear friends from my past.
All of us still hold the love we have for spirit as fiercely As ever , and all of us have the battle scars to prove it!
I’ve so many stories about my journey (not the ones that’ll get me sued!), and I’ve really enjoyed giving advice & tips over on Instagram these last few days, that it will become a regular feature. By all means if there’s something you’d like to see…let me know! For now, I just wanted to say thank you.
Thank you for following me.
Thank you for being a client.
Thank you for liking my posts.
Thank you for being part of my journey

Fiona x

By Fiona Faery

4 October, 2019 11:21

There is nothing quite like an old friend. They remind you of your potential. They’ve seen you at your worst. They’ve rejoiced in your highs and stood beside you at your lowest.
These friends call you out on your bullshit, give you another perspective on an issue and hold space for you as you try to figure yourself out.
You know you have a true friend when you haven’t seen them in months / years and you can pick up right where you’ve left off.
I’m very blessed to have friends from all walks of life over the years, I may not see them for years but when we reconnect, it’s as if it was yesterday when we last spoke!
I spent most of my life in conditional, one sided friendships.
Constantly being the giver, whilst secretly feeling resentful of the unbalanced relationship I had attracted. Yes, you read that right.
I ATTRACTED these people.
Some were only friends with me because of how I could help them. I would only hear from them when they needed something.
Some were heavily codependent and god forbid we have a discussion about their issues…. Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt!
The more the elephant in the room grew, the more suffocating & stagnant the friendship became.
I’ve spoken before about ghosting in relationships. Yet it happens frequently in friendships, quite often without any explanation to the recipient. They find themselves blocked, unfriended and rejected. Cast upon the scrap heap of unwanted friendships.

I’ve ended toxic friendships & I’ve also been ghosted. I’ve also experienced a mutual ghosting, whereby there was no need for any further discussion…the friendship was over.

The common denominator in all cases, was that I finally woke up and called the ‘friend’ out on their bullshit. It didn’t go down very well! Why would it?
When you take an active role in a one sided friendship -the receiver is happily receiving….your time, your advice , your generosity etc.
Certain individuals masquerade under a helpful charade, sending the odd friendly text or pm. The only time they lift the phone is when they want something from you…. Talk is cheap and so is positive intentions! Actions speak louder then words. Another aspect is that life’s givers tend to have major problems receiving.
If you find you have an issue accepting a compliment , asking for advice or defining a healthy boundary with your friends…..look around your circle. I guarantee there will be a covert narcissist in it.
Covert Narcs thrive on unsolicited advice. They are always right. They are incredible at mimicking empathy but they lack any trace of such emotion. Any project you undertake must get their approval, they must help you or will simply turn up uninvited “to sort you out!”.
You will feel under constant obligation to this individual. Any help you receive from this person will end up being paid back tenfold with a peppering of passive aggressive comments thrown in for good measure at your expense. You will find yourself compared to other more helpful individuals.
A major indicator that you have a covert narc around is that you feel very drained or disempowered around them. You will also be waiting for the ‘hook’…the real reason they called you!
You also realise you no longer confide in them, as your secrets are used against you as an example of your failures or the blatantly disregard your privacy. To your horror you realise it’s open season on your private life.

Narcs hate boundaries.
They have a sense of entitlement to you. They feel threatened by your other friends and will try to plant seeds of doubt about their loyalty, even telling mahoosive lies to get you to fall out with them. Then they have you all to themselves. All that energy supply just for them to feed off!
The minute you begin to push back you will incur their wrath. You will be called ungrateful & disloyal, they may even drop you completely, (they will only do this if they’ve another energy supply lined up).
You may feel rejected and simply wanting space. They might take you back only after you’ve apologized profusely and they will dine off this indiscretion on your part for months!
Sometimes we put up with this treatment as we find ourselves alienated. When you loose your confidence, you don’t feel at your best. It makes it difficult to break out of your comfort zone. All you want to do is retreat away from an uncaring world.
You need to be honest with yourself. It’s time to work on your boundaries and self love. Get a therapist , take a class, get outside & connect with nature.
Reconnect with yourself , family , hobbies or old friends. Don’t settle for half arsed Frenemies who couldn’t care less about you.
How about you start by being your own best friend. For only then can you recognize yourself in others.

©️Fiona Ní Mhuirri

By Fiona Faery