13 September, 2017 12:53

I’ve thought long & hard about writing this. If you work in the service industry you are more than familiar with clients that cancel on the morning of their appointment or simply don’t show up for their appointment. A year ago, I started taking deposits for sittings. 99% of my clients are sweethearts, but there is 1% that have no integrity & cancel / don’t show.
There are always exceptions / family emergencies etc but there is a level of low lying ignorance that I simply don’t understand. It’s really frustrating when you are booked out for sittings & have a waiting list for clients looking for bookings on that particular date etc only to have a client not have the manners to show up or even have the decency to cancel their appointment.
I noticed also, that it was the client’s who were unable to give a booking deposit were the ones every time that failed to show.
My assistant has had folk swear blind they will show up, saying they can’t work PayPal etc only to be the very ones that don’t turn up on the day.
I’ve made allowances up to now, but from now on I simply will not take a booking without a deposit.
I’m self employed this is my business & a deposit covers me for the loss of revenue etc. It’s not fair on the client’s who were waiting on a cancellation & not fair on my time. If you are booking a sitting please check it’s convenient & you are able to attend on the date/ time in question.
Thank you.

By Fiona Faery

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