4 October, 2017 11:04

Today I’m sending out Love. Like you, I saw the images being streamed from Las Vegas. All over the world there are people hurting.
In times of crisis I look for the helpers. They are always present, perhaps you are one of them…
Where there is suffering, they appear. You could be an advocate , make a donation, but please don’t look away & do nothing.
I can’t watch people suffer , so I donate to charities.
You may have your own favourite charity or you can be charitable locally. Instead of throwing clothes out, bring them to charity shops or clothes banks. Check in on elderly neighbours, as loneliness is the silent killer.
Get off your mobile phone and be present with your family for an hour later on. Switch it off….
We are becoming desensitised to chaos. We need to remember that . Hate breeds more hate.
So today, compliment a stranger.
Lift that phone & have that conversation you were avoiding.
Life is so precious.
Your time & energy are too, spend it wisely. Life is too short for grudges & petty jealousies. We allow stupid triviality to fill our heads & stop us from achieving greatness. We let fear tell us we are too old , too stupid & too late to find happiness/ success / love / forgiveness etc
As long as their is Oxegen pumping through your lungs it is NEVER TOO LATE.
So just do it.
Tell one person you love them today. Tell one person you’re sorry.
Forgive yourself for being so tough on yourself.
Catch a judgemental thought & send love toward it.
Do something today that makes you smile.
Give thanks for the love in your life.
Know you are loved more than you will ever know.
Today I give gratitude for the love I have in my life & im sending love to where it’s needed in the world today, I carry your hearts in my heart today.
Love is the greatest superpower of all

©Fiona Ní Mhuirri

By Fiona Faery

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