27 October, 2017 10:48

There is always someone worse off than you….
There are times in life when the drudgery can overwhelm. We become entrenched in our responsibilities, the weight of others expectations sinks us deeper into the mire of misery.
We can be our own worst enemies, ignoring our bodies warnings to slow down, red flags not to trust that person, hunches to act on, physical pain that tells you something is amiss. The hamsters dead but the wheel is still turning….
Those blinkers of denial are fixed firmly in place & woe betide the well meaning soul that tries to help.
The mask of the victim / martyrdom keeps everyone out, as NO-ONE has experienced the pain you are in.
Until, out of the blue you hear of a tragedy befalling another. You also see their courage despite the adversity they have faced. Cognitive dissonance tries its best to rationalise but your soul has ignited with truth.
You become irritated by your procrastination. You release that even though your situation is tough, someone else in the world is experiencing pain on a whole other level. A sobering reminder that only you can handle your shit. No one is coming to save you, but that’s the beauty of it. You are your own hero. In you the courage of a lion, a ferocious capacity to love unbounded, the laughter of a child & an endless imagination. You just need to see it in yourself. Too often we look outside of ourselves for that spark, we can allow jealousy & envy to curdle that search. Coming across a Facebook feed of happy stories & what appears to be on the surface…effortless success!
The EGO is forever searching for distractions to deter you from your own greatness.
What’s your poison? Chocolate, alcohol , nicotine, drugs, sex, fame, body image? The ego will find a way to burrow Into your consciousness & hatch. It will squat there like a toad waiting for a moment of hope or an inspiring idea & it will pounce on it. You will internalise it & before you even vocalise this beautiful idea it will have been killed stone dead.
It can take a moment of tragedy before your inner sat nav is mobilised into action. Life is instantly simplified into what is right and what is wrong. Your souls gives a rallying cry and you sit up and take notice. There is nothing like perspective to give you a sharp slap into reality. You got this.
Look at the world right now.
Goddamn it look at this newsfeed!
Right now there are unspeakable acts of evil being committed against the human race, the environment & our animals. Despite all this there is so much good in the world. People are standing up and fighting against oppression. They are fighting for those that have no voices. Your. Style is just as worthy but recognise the warrior within. Know that only you can fight your battles. See the lesson. Acknowledge it and Rise from it. If you need therapy – seek it!
If you need help – ask for it!
If you need to talk – reach out!
Listen to your body, it’s intelligence knows no bounds.
Cut yourself some slack.
Please know that your guides & loved ones in spirit are always trying to guide you, but they cannot help you unless you get out off your own way first! Remember in order to help others you gotta help yourself first!

©Fiona Ní Mhuirri

By Fiona Faery

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