31 October, 2017 10:38

I asked for a sign last night….It had been a very long day.
I was fed up.
Work front, home front had been challenging and as I dragged my weary soul to bed I had one of my usual chats with spirit.
Today, I was determined like the pages of a crisp white copybook to begin anew.

Fridays have a life of their own and tend to fly by quicker than other weekdays! I had a dozen errands to run & because I work most weekends it’s a busy day to get stuff done on the home front.
My head was full of mental chatter. I rushed into Halfords to get window wipers & anti-freeze as the frost has begun. As I was waiting for the wipers to be fitted, a sudden movement above caught my eye. A Red admiral butterfly was fluttering above my head. I was stunned. A lump the size of a gold ball appeared in my throat & it took all my resolve to compose myself. The staff all commented on the butterfly & how odd considering the weather/ season etc
I sent a silent prayer of gratitude to spirit.
I sat to watch a movie tonight and that beautiful red admiral made another appearance. Message understood.

In a sitting yesterday I kept seeing a cheeky Robin literally inches from my face. I had connected with a mother in spirit, yet her daughter could not accept the information I was providing. There’s only so many times I can say the same thing so I had to drop it. My next client was her sister & in came the cheeky Robin again. I took a deep breath & explained what I was being shown. The lady in front broke her heart laughing & tears of joy ran down her face. Her father had been working in the men’s shed & a Robin landed on his head then hopped down on to his nose…looked at him & flew away!!
Now I understood!
The other sister did not know about the event, again reminding me how important it is to pass on messages regardless if the sitter is shaking their head. They may be unaware of the significance to other family members.

It was a reminder to also keep my heart soft. If we allow life’s woes corrupt our spirit, drudgery becomes the norm.
To accept that spirit walk with us in this life & try to send us reminders that we are always surrounded by love…..🦋

©Fiona Ní Mhuirri

By Fiona Faery

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