2 November, 2017 11:37

I had the legion of Mary at my door this morning. They asked me to take the statue of our lady for the week & have family over to say the rosary around it all week long.
I kindly declined, saying I believed in many aspects of the divine mother. She is present in many cultures & faiths throughout time immemorial. I told them my belief system is grounded in pagan beliefs as I believe all paths lead to the great spirit.
One of the ladies was irritated, even though my tone was kind. I told them their devotion was admirable & I honoured their love for our lady. She held her glare & said “surely you were baptised a catholic”.
I agreed, I still adore the ritual of mass & prayer but my path honours all aspects & beliefs. She told me they would pray for me & I thanked them saying I would pray for them too….

I cannot have faith in a belief system that discriminates against gender & sexuality so strongly. I don’t believe in being a lapsed catholic. The moment I entered the cathedral in Santiago…..I knew my choice.
Everyone else stayed for the mass…I looked at the gold interiors, the wealth & found no connection. I had an amazing moment surrounded by little birds in the atrium of the monastery I was staying in, only minutes previous. Yet, I honour others’ devotion.
For centuries The blood that has been spilled, simply to force ones belief onto another, is still prevalent today.
We come into this world alone & we shall leave it. Our belief system is just as personal a journey. No one has the right to force that belief on to you nor make judgments against you, simply because your belief system is different. Yet we do it on the daily.
Judgements are made in a split second, I catch myself all the time. I send love to those thoughts & feel myself softening. I find those that are the ones to condemn strongest are the ones with the most to hide. It’s so much easier to point at others than look at your own failings. To truly know oneself you must embrace your shadow aspect. You need to connect with your pain. For some of us this can take a lifetime. Indeed, Michelangelo’s last words were “I am still learning”. Here’s the thing…we are all learning. Nobody has all the answers.
Kindness is one of the greatest gifts of all. If we can hold kindness & compassion in our hearts, we can learn so much about each other. My mum has a saying, “There are more questions than answers”.
We need to keep asking questions and as the answers always come from within……

©Fiona Ní Mhuirri

By Fiona Faery

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