14 November, 2017 10:59

I bought my Christmas tree today! My last fibre optic tree gave up the ghost last Christmas & went to tree Heaven!
The store was quiet aside from a few customers. There was Isle upon isle of decorations. Every coloured tinsel under the sun, as for trees…you can get a black Christmas tree now!!!
I was mesmerised by all the colours & Yuletide trimmings. I started thinking about families. There are so many different kinds of families now. As a single parent family it’s lovely to see the media embracing all spectrums. As like a rainbow there are many colours, each resplendent in its beauty. Some folk don’t have family (or The support of a family) & have friends that have become like family to them. Whatever family means to you, wherever your heart is….that’s home.
The sales lady was helping genius here find a fibre optic tree. There was a couple with a baby standing talking with friends. The sales lady stopped to coo over the baby, explaining she was her grand niece.
Now here’s the thing. Babies are funny with me! They either beam with smiles as they can see my auric energy light up or it totally freaks them out!
Sadly, there’s no middle ground for this medium!! (Boom! Boom! I’m here every Tuesday..😂)
Anyhoo, this little one laughed & cooed. Such old soul eyes greeted me & I thought to myself….this little one will do great things. As the wisdom that flowed from her cherubic face stopped me in my tracks. Her parents were looking at me, I smiled & went on my way!
The amount of pregnancies I’ve seen over the years! I love seeing the joy of a mother who has finally conceived arrive with her precious bundle.
Do you remember being a child at Christmas? Do you remember the wonder you felt? The pure innocence of hope on Christmas Eve.
Life can leave us with ragged scars if we allow it. I’ve read for people over the years that have had everything taken from them, yet they rise from the ashes to help others.
If you are reading this & are dreading Christmas, ask yourself this;
Are you holding on to the past?
Are you allowing the past to dictate the present?
Can you become present to this moment instead of racing toward the future in your head?
Are you happy?
It’s not about tinsel & treats. The biggest gift this Christmas you can give to you is yourself.
You’re here.
You made it!
You handled all the crap that came your way.
Place your hand on your chest and feel that beautiful heart pumping life force through your body.
Take a deep breath.
Let those shoulders drop.
Don’t lose your joy as you get caught up in the Christmas rush. Look at the lights, look higher at the stars.
Don’t stop believing in magic. For as the great Roald Dahl said
“Those who don’t believe in magic, will never find it”.

©Fiona Ní Mhuirri

By Fiona Faery

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