8 December, 2017 12:44

There was war in the Faery household today. Today was Christmas decoration day. Teenager in residence was given due notice that his assistance was required in taking them down & putting them up. Taking them down was no issue. Teenager duly complied & task was completed swiftly. Teenager than thought he could skive off as there was no way in hell he was putting up decorations.
A Mexican standoff ensued…as This irish mammy gave him the choice of death or decorations!
“So help me God, we are doing this as a family and you are going to bloody stay here and help your mother decorate this goddamn tree even if it kills me in the process!!”
That’s the P.C. Version…….
Despite the muttering & curses under his breath, after he realised he wasn’t going anywhere we got on with it!
That was until Gizmo the kitten thought the lights were the most fun thing she had ever seen. Mother & teenager were completely distracted for another half an hour playing with kitten. Teenager had to film her antics for Snapchat posterity!
All was going well until teenager started to suffer from decoration misplacement anxiety & started to lecture the Mammy about how & where to place the decorations on the tree. Mammy made a few suggestions about where she’d like to shove said decorations but it’s too rude for Facebook….
Teenager knew he was on shaky ground and handed mammy the ornaments as she balanced on stepladder cursing under her breath!
Teenager went back up into the attic with storage boxes & on his return mammy switched the Christmas lights on.
“Aaaah mam that’s class!”
“We make a good team son!”
He didn’t hear me as I was speaking to the dust left from him scampering away to rejoin his teenager herd!!!!

©️Fiona Ní Mhuirri

By Fiona Faery

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