26 January, 2018 11:05

There is a misconception amongst spiritual types that to be spiritual equates you to being a nice person. A spiritual awakening is an incredibly painful process, usually triggered by a traumatic life event or experience etc. This is not par for the course, just in my experience the people who have shared their journeys with me, have been led to their awakenings by such instances.
Each of us will face hardships in our lives, betrayal, bereavement, illness, financial strife etc. How we choose to bear those burdens also determines the filters we choose to see the world through.
I’ve encountered, therapists, reiki masters, psychics, mediums & so many other practitioners that have carried their traumas unable to release them, in doing so they can take their clients only so far on their Healing journeys. The clients, who end up frustrated at their lack of progress, often feel disconnected from their therapists end up either quitting that particular therapist or finding another.

If you had a bad haircut, you would simply find another hairdresser. It wouldn’t stop you from going to another hairdressers ever again, would it?
Yet, I constantly come across individuals who “tried” therapy once but it wasn’t for them. I know therapy isn’t for everyone but at least give it a decent shot!
A similar story with another client who went for their first Reiki session & felt “funny” afterwards, so never returned. Reiki brings out the emotions you have suppressed, the cause of dis-ease within the body. There will be times you will float from a session but there will also be times where the weight of the world will be heavy upon your shoulders.
Most practitioners recommend a minimum of 3-4 sessions before you start to feel a difference, that’s not a money racket it’s simply that Healing takes time. If you’ve suppressed your emotions over a 20 year period, one goddamn session won’t even touch the surface. Anyone who promises it will is lying.
There are no quick fixes when it comes to mental, emotional, physical or spiritual health. Recovery is not a straight line.
It is a Pandora’s box of buried pain that contain emotional incendiary devices that can cause a chasm of grief to be either relived or released.

I’m asked often by psychic tourists what other readers I recommend as “they like to go around them all”! Here’s the thing, it’s such a personal sacred choice.
Your reader is only human, they have a lifetime of experiences beneath their skin. Spirit use their experiences & their innate knowledge of them to translate & identify the life situation facing their respective clients. They cannot give you information that is not within their scope of experience. It’s also a reason why many sensitives watch hospital programmes (for medical terminology), soaps on tv (for to expand on human relationships etc), the more information the cognitive brain takes in, the more scope the reader has in the ability to identify & relay the life situation facing their clients.
Once a person connects with a reader, it is because that reader has developed a fluency of language regarding the human condition. Readers are not telepathic.
You will hear many differing opinions on certain readers/ therapists etc. “I thought she was amazing”
“He was rubbish, he couldn’t even tell I was gay”
“She didn’t pick up I’d children with special needs”
“How did she know my ex husband was a narcissist”
“She knew I had cancer”.

The reason being lies within the readers life experience.
If the reader has nothing to relate to that life experience they cannot telepathically “tell you”.
So for example, if the reader has no experiences whatsoever or has read nothing/ watches anything on the topic of special needs they may not pick up anything around the issue of a client that has special needs children. They may pick up that one of her children feels different from the others but may not understand why. The client does & usually will address it.
Then you have the brigade that remove their wedding rings, give false names on booking (because obviously I have no life and better things to be doing with my time then acting like Magnum P.I. & investigating them!), and “expect” the reader to telepathically “know”.
There is so much general ignorance in what to expect from a sitting, I felt it was time to address these issues. There will always be people who will rub you up the wrong way!!
There will be people we will connect with instantly. The same with therapists & psychics etc.
Neither should you EVER substitute a psychic for a doctors advice / therapist etc. Yes, I may pick up on health issues but any ethical reader will immediately advise their client to consult a medical professional first & foremost. I’ve had clients come to me seeking advice as to whether or not they should bother go to a doctor. Again that person, ignorant of the fact it depends on my life experience as a reader is gambling their health on my opinion. Always I advise them to contact their doctor.
It’s also another reason why after many years with a particular reader you may not “click” with them anymore or you feel they just simply didn’t connect. It’s because your life experiences have changed & the reader may not have the adequate knowledge of your experience in order to relay the accurate information to you.
The older the reader gets, the more life experience gained, the more you read & educate yourself…..the broader & more accurate scope you have of being able to address issues in your client’s lives.
Unfortunately, because this industry is unregulated any Tom, Dick or Harry can go out & buy a deck of cards to set up immediately as Madame Zorro!
If this reader has a chip on her shoulder about men and bitter regarding her recent divorce…..what kind of information do you think she will transfer on to her poor unsuspecting client…..
I’m sure you’ve heard the horror stories. I’ve heard them all. Actually, scratch that…just when I think I can’t be shocked anymore I hear of another unscrupulous individual that is coming from a wounded place, relaying information that is neither accurate or insightful. Please use your common sense.
If you’re not comfortable- say it.
If you feel you’re not connecting with your reader or therapist say it!

I adore what I do. I have days when I feel so empowered and there are the days when I’ve had to deal with time wasters. The “tell me what I want to hear” types. That will go to three or more readers to tell them their abusive partner is their “soulmate” and keep them in denial.
The kind that come in to my house and comment on how I have a handy number etc. They are bad days.
There are days when I see the light of hope ignite once more in a clients eyes and it makes it all worthwhile.
Ultimately Free will plays a massive part in your life. Nothing is set in stone. A reader should guide you but never tell you what to do, they will show you options & light the way. You’re the one who has to do the work! You’re the only person who can take responsibility for your life and take care of yourself.
Trust your gut, it’s always guiding you & that is what any sensitive will awaken in you. Just like Dorothy and the ruby slippers the answers were in you all along it just takes the right intuitive to help you listen to yourself once more…..

©️Fiona Ní Mhuirri

By Fiona Faery

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