14 February, 2018 11:52

Had one of those days were I was dog tired… I’m shaking off a tiresome cough, it’s worse at night so I’m ratty in the morn!
I attended a training course in making videos on smartphones. I was doing great & just before lunch I had completed editing, with only the audio clips left to place over the polished piece. That was until I accidentally hit delete and my mornings work vanished into thin air! My course tutor Ultan, tried to assure me saying that no one on any other course had ever deleted their entire video.
I watched in amusement as his face grew more serious as he searched through my phone & we both released there’s always a first time for everything! I went out for a cuppa…
I Realised it could’ve been worse,
I could’ve deleted all the unedited footage also. I simply had to pick myself up and start again! It resulted in my first YouTube video being posted tonight!!!
The drive home was bumper to bumper as a crash at junction 19 had caused heavy traffic…again my radio had synced to my phone & random music started to play…songs I haven’t heard in years! I let the stress of the rush hour traffic go & started to chirp away in unison!
I arrived in the door after 6pm to be greeted with the breakfast dishes & two hungry cats! Ever have that moment where you come home to a mess & mutter expletives under your breath. Teenager- no where to be seen! I could feel the anger prickling my skin..until I decided feck it, I fancy a chinese! I rolled up my sleeves got stuck in & was just finishing setting up the lighting for my live show when dinner arrived!
Had a gorgeous dinner in peace & quiet. By the time I went to go live I was in great form altogether!
I noticed so many niggling things today, the minute I released my attachment to them. I was Free of the burden I had placed upon myself. I asked for help when I needed it. I took a very deep breath where it was needed, grounded myself & shifted my perspective! I also laughed at myself! God, don’t we get so rigid in ourselves at times!
I ended the day feeling grateful for the blessings it had sent my way. Helpful people, timely songs & getting to do what I love for a living!

©️Fiona Ní Mhuirri

By Fiona Faery

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