22 February, 2018 12:37

Do you still give up stuff for lent?
Ever since the year I made my first communion I’ve always given up chocolate. I used to have a large tin (usually an empty Roses tin from Christmas) that throughout lent I would be stockpiling supplies!
Easter morning I would have a veritable feast with all my favourite bars & chocolate before me.
As I got older, it became more about self discipline. I realised that as lent rolled round each year I would automatically lose interest in chocolate, so last year I added takeaways & coffee.
I’m not religious, if anything I’m agnostic as all paths lead to the great spirit ultimately…
This year I’m in severe caffeine withdrawals….as far as I’m concerned it’s a first world problem & my Taurean stubbornness kicks it up a notch!
It made me think how we can become addicted to things, and I find it a healthy exercise in detachment. I’m due a digital detox soon…I’m using the excuse that at midnight I post my daily Snapchat cards, so my followers across the ocean can get them at a reasonable hour & they will be waiting for everyone else upon waking! Henceforth, the phone has crept back into the bedroom & I’ve found myself mindlessly scrolling through cyber garbage until I realised the time! Sound familiar?
It’s such a self destructive habit, as I have the best intentions of going to bed early…my Paw reaches for the phone and next minute it’s after midnight!
It’s a combination of these distractions that can keep us from getting the real shit done!
Why is it that Monday always feels like the best day to start something new or break a habit etc? Why not now? It’s as if we need to allow time to ease ourselves in….!
Once the Ego twigs the attachment you’ve created it’s open season on your will power! Ever vowed to give up something and you’re doing great until the cravings start, then every waking thought is consumed with how you can get “around” your conviction…your cravings go up a notch and that is where most of us fall off the proverbial wagon! I’m a funny fish…I feel the craving & I
Acknowledge it. I feel where the irrational thought is leading me, where it’s presenting itself in my body and I sit with it….go with it.
Main message I’m getting at the moment is that my body is sick of having to process so many toxins so I can expect to feel like shit until I’ve detoxed it all away!
My Digital detox begins now…..the world won’t fall on its axis if I don’t post my snaps tonight! My body is saying….rest!

©️Fiona Ní Mhuirri

By Fiona Faery

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