6 March, 2018 10:07

***Rant warning***
Ok….so here’s the thing! This is my personal Facebook page….
My assistant manages all messages as it’s simply overwhelming for me. But this is where I post my musings & YES comment on other people posts. God forbid, I’m entitled to my OWN opinion! All my family, extended family& old school friends are connected to this page!
You may agree or disagree with my opinions, here’s a suggestion….you can keep scrolling, unfriend etc.
I’ve no issue with folk disagreeing with what I write but I have a massive issue with folk being pass remarkable & rude with regards to comments I may leave on completely unrelated pages I may post on. That’s downright creepy behaviour…
I’ve kept this page public as I’ve clients from years ago that prefer this page, because of the algorithms on Facebook my pieces don’t have the same interaction on my work page but this page predominantly has been for my personal use….
I work a 6 day week, i also do two evening sessions, an online weekly Facebook live show, a quarterly radio show. Not to mention monthly Angelscopes, articles & one question readings from this office. That doesn’t include trying to find time to film YouTube videos & manage other social media accounts. I receive a large volume of calls / pms & dms / emails / texts etc. My assistant deals with all correspondence as I’m only one person.
Let me be clear, I simply adore what I do. I love being so busy. I’m very blessed to wake up every day & look forward to what the day brings.
Sadly, there are a few, that feel I should be more accessible, I try & do that through my online show & radio show. There are only so many hours in the day. When the office closes I’ve every right if I want to browse on Facebook without fear of recriminations from folk demanding I respond to their “urgent” requests, sending ?????????? (Bad manners) dms, or simply demanding free readings etc.
The YouTube channel hopefully will begin to tackle the most frequently asked questions. Feel free to send suggestions as I genuinely would delight in seeing you step into your power & shine.
I’ve noticed a few sarcastic comments lately, some personal & some with regarding questions on my live show. Again it’s physically impossible for me to answer all questions, the more someone asks the same question repeatedly the more likely one of my two moderators will hide / delete comments as it’s aggressive posting whilst I’m channeling the answers. I ask at the beginning of every show to wait til the end to post questions , if my words are ignored my moderators will step in. I make no apologies for this, as the discussion in the comments amongst the Faery community is so supportive & this would be lost amongst someone constantly barraging the comments feed. I really enjoy Facebook & I work hard to make this a safe place for folk to scroll through & hopefully will leave with a smile. Thing is, moving forward I’m going to become more vigilant about my personal boundaries as people are very brave behind a keyboard….

By Fiona Faery

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