11 April, 2018 12:52

There’s currently a turf war ensuing between a family of blue tits & one cheeky sparrow in my back garden. I’ve called him Rambo. He’s taken on my Robins & I’ve seen him hopping around a stray starling!
However when the flock of starlings arrive he’s no where to be seen! Koda is none too impressed with the sight of 20 starlings twittering away on my lilac tree!
He started to give abuse to them…at first they flew away. Now they couldn’t care less!
I simply Love feeding the birds. I Bought another seed feeder today specifically for song birds.
One of my beliefs are that birds can do the bidding of spirit, it always makes me smile when I get an image of a robin from spirit for a client & unbeknownst to them…an actual robin is behind them on my windowsill!
We are so connected to our loved ones in spirit. They never stop trying to give us signs. It’s usually our feathered friends that are more than happy to help. There’s usually an energy connected. You feel your tummy, you sense a presence or you simply KNOW it’s them. Cynics & skeptics can rip apart such a sacred moment so be careful who you choose to share your visitation with. I could write a book on the amount of amazing stories I’ve been told about Robins. They are such characters. My singers love the blackbirds. My characters use the lone magpie. The Ravens for the mystics & Swallows for those connected with the earth etc…
Today Two seagulls appeared outside. Very unusual. Again I took it as a sign, as soon I will be traveling! I always give silent blessings to the Beauty & simplicity of spirit. You are so loved….more than you will ever know.

©️Fiona Ní Mhuirri

By Fiona Faery

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