11 May, 2018 20:47

The clock has struck midnight & with it I enter my 41st year.I returned from a wonderful, relaxing family holiday yesterday. It was the first time my entire family were together on holiday since my teenage years. I laughed every day. My sister & I immediately regressed into borrowing each other’s clothes, swiping each other’s cosmetics etc.
My Dad ended up with his own wee gang of friends as he’s such a chatterbox (see where I get it from!) & one lovely lady from Cork said “Age is only a number love, you don’t see the years go by”. She assumed I was upset turning 41.
Thing is I’m grateful that I get to turn 41…
The last few years I’ve seen family pass to spirit, seen clients cross over & every day I connect clients to their loved ones in spirit.
It has given me a sense of perspective, if you will.

I’ve become more aware of how amazing my body is. How much crap it’s put up with. I’ve started to treat it with care. I’ve started to listen to its needs & my energy has started to change dramatically.

I’ve no time for drama.
I say what I have to say. Not in a ballsy IDGAF way, but calmly & assertively speak my truth.
Sadly by doing so I’ve let a lot of friends go. I had sadly attracted a lot of codependent relationships over the years. In my codependent recovery, I began to see how toxic & draining these one-sided “friendships” had become. I now understand what jealousy looks like. I don’t give second chances.
I’ve steered clear of zealous, over ambitious colleagues. Love & light my arse! I now have very few colleagues I would seek professional advice from. Not everyone that smiles at you is your friend or even a helpful colleague. Some see you as simply stepping stones on their path of destroying anything that gets in their way to greatness.
I’ve learned not to dwell in the bitterness of betrayal. Lao Tsu’s words “Before you embark on a journey of Revenge, dig two graves”, has been a strict code I’ve adhered to, even unbeknownst to the offending party I had evidence enough to annihilate them…,I chose peace. Begrudgingly at first, then with time & experience…surprisingly quickly.
I’m incredibly careful
With my close circle.
I’ve worked damn hard on family ties.
I’ve learned to say sorry.
I’ve learned to accept an apology. I’ve also learned when to cut ties & be done.
I’ve learned to accept my flaws.
I’ve also learned the other people’s opinions of me is none of my business.
I don’t care what you think of me.
I don’t need to be liked or accepted. I laughed out loud yesterday as my two black cats followed me down my street & into my house I said aloud “it’s time to get the villagers with their torches out!”
I get sick of the copycats….yes you…creeping on my profile…not liking on any post but happily swiping my content for your page….I’m grateful for you too! You’ve taught me to be more creative, more original & less complacent. Those that have demanded I answer their requests, questioned my integrity & have no sense of propriety I say thank you. You made me stronger, sharper &
I’ve learned to set healthy boundaries with everyone in my life. Period.

Being the Mum of a teenager has taught me patience…..the ability to discuss difficult issues & be able to LISTEN.
I know someone reading this now, will have someone they love that has recently passed or is about to pass to spirit. I send you love.
The fact that I’m here to welcome my 41st year on this planet is an honour. Some of my darkest moments have turned out to be my greatest teachers. In truly surrendering to my own darkness could I finally see the light. In embracing my path, could I truly help others find their way.
So I feel incredibly humble, very lucky & grateful I’m here on this blue planet that’s hurtling through space, writing words that are bounced off satellites for you to read on a tiny portable device wherever you are on this beautiful earth…….Thank you for being a part of my journey, my lessons & my life

P.s There is an active fundraiser on my page for The Irish Cancer Society. I would be deeply grateful if you would be so kind to contribute. Thank you x

©️Fiona Ní Mhuirri

By Fiona Faery

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