17 July, 2018 10:26

Just before I stand on stage,
I question every life choice I’ve made that led to this present moment! What was moments ago a sensation of butterflies in my tummy, has amped itself right up to a stampeding herd of elephants! I hear the excited chatter of the audience as they begin to take their seats.
I take a moment to invoke my guides, discuss said life choices with them & build my energy. I step on to the stage and begin.
By the time the intermission has arrived, I have a feel of the room’s energy. Some folk don’t know if they should clap or stay silent etc! Some audiences can join right in! Each audience is different & no two nights are ever the same!
I’m noticing familiar faces and how relaxed they are in the crowd, as the trust they have bestowed in me as a medium to connect with their loved ones has already been established. I’m also noticing how many people are coming solo & by the end of the night end up happily chatting away to the folk seated next to them.
I’m approached by some afterwards & told they had felt strongly pulled to attend. I feel that’s not simply about connecting to a loved one in spirit but also connecting to themselves. The bond of love is one we all share. It is what makes this life bearable.
To be united by these bonds, breaks down barriers. Shields come down & people make connections. All our loved ones in spirit want is for us to be happy. I’m also asked why their loved ones didn’t come through etc.
Sometimes this is simply down to time constraints, as it is a demonstration of mediumship not 1-to-1 readings etc! Your loved ones are always present and can be helping others come through.
I also get a kick out of those who sit at the back, thinking they are safe from getting picked first!!!! I’ve lost count how many times my first link in spirit has been from the back of the room!
I do a meet & greet afterwards. There will always be one or two audience members who stayed silent as I relayed the information on stage, approach me after I’ve been demonstrating for over two hours and expect me to connect 1-to-1 in a middle of a queue….it beggars belief!
There is no point coming up to a medium after a show and asking them to re-connect. If the medium asks you, that’s different…the message could be of a sensitive nature but otherwise it’s not appropriate. I’m usually nearly the last to leave the building!
As I go to bed my heart feels full. It’s moments like this that every fibre in my body sings in harmony with the universe. I know that this is part of my divine life mission. I know what I do may appear to be unusual to the outside observer, but to me it’s very ordinary. It’s simply what I was born to do…..

©️Fiona Ní Mhuirri

By Fiona Faery

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