19 July, 2018 10:37

This weather has brought all of us outdoors. Some of us get our Green fingers on, some folk indulge in a bit of D.I.Y. And others relax in the heavenly rays.
The sound of children playing & lawnmowers humming has become background music at this point.
I’ve had great chats with my neighbors, as my nightly ritual of me pottering with my watering can has led to spontaneous conversations.
Since I’ve taken the summer off evening Sittings, I’m no longer rushing to get ready for clients etc.
The phone had crept back into the bed room & is now been relegated to the kitchen at night. My trusty analogue alarm clock stepping up once more.
I witnessed an individual recently that was so obsessed with their phone, they were disengaging from the conversation in front of them & were more preoccupied with updating their social media. That used to be me!
I would’ve loved to pull them aside and ask them to be present with the company around them. I realized it was pointless.
Answer me this, why show a Facebook live from a concert? The sound is rubbish, the image quality is diabolical & you’re so caught up with filming it you’re missing out on being lost in the moment.
Yet, I’ve seen nothing but constant streams of Facebook lives at concerts, from so many people these last few weeks.
It’s as if our lives must be posted on social media. How about we become present in the moment. How about we surrender to a song & lose ourselves in a moment , put the goddamn phone away during a meal & listen to the conversation taking place right in front of you?
I observed a recent conversation in a group whereby those that were not speaking reached for their phones & disengaged as the subject matter / attention had moved on from them & naturally on to another person / topic.
Have we become so self obsessed that we are only concerned with what we have to say, instead of listening to another’s point of view?
I’ve witnessed on individual stop mid sentence , answer a text message holding everyone around him to ransom then continue unapologetically with the conversation as if nothing had happened!!!! Have basic manners become eroded from this instant gratification culture?
When we become present in the moment, we notice so much. We can connect with our bodies, ascertain our stress levels & gauge our strength levels. The body is always speaking to us, yet we are always rushing, rushing, rushing to stop & LISTEN.
The universe is always listening & will manifest our conscious thoughts into reality, if they are repetitive & strong enough. It does not matter if it’s positive or negative. Thoughts become things…. So what is your inner voice saying to you?
Is your inner critic eroding from within? Are you trusting yourself? Are you happy?
We all have a go to when stress levels are high. For some it’s talking to a friend, listening to music, others going to the gym or playing sport . For me this summer it’s my garden. The act of weeding, planting & watering brings me into my body. I find it incredibly grounding.
What are you doing for yourself this summer? Have you become caught up in a never ending to do list? Are you too busy pleasing everyone else to notice the tiredness in your voice? What can you do in this moment to change that?
We spend so much time thinking about the past & worrying about the future, that we forget this present moment.
Try to be present in yourself & your body today, whether it’s listening to a conversation or eating a meal. See the difference it will make. See how much you notice and if you really want to notice the world around you…..put the phone away for awhile!

©️Fiona Ní Mhuirri

By Fiona Faery

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