9 January, 2019 11:52

Each year brings lessons.
People come and go.
Loved ones pass to spirit.
Betrayal could’ve visited you
Debt may have found you
A lover may have left you,
Your health may have
questioned you?
Look back on the year that was and look for the gifts hindsight has brought you…
You may be grateful for the gift of patience. You may have seen those who truly have your back, as well as those who are toxic to your physical & mental health.
You may have lost faith and found your resolve. The gift of reality and common sense can be a blessing when it comes to making tough decisions. You may have had to make a very tough call and taken the consequences that came with it. The strength of spirit that ignited within you was your inner strength stepping forward.
You may have learnt the value of having one good friend by your side. Loyalty indeed is one of the true virtues but only when it is reciprocated in kind. As loyalty in the wrong company can get you killed. As the bells toll on New Year’s Eve, put away the weighing scales, be grateful
You get to see in a new year while another has taken their last breath. The gift of aging is not given to everyone so stop rallying against it and embrace every line, wrinkle & stretch mark. If you’re being careless with your health, ask yourself why?
For beneath your self destructive behaviour you are crying out to be seen & loved.
It is imperative you see yourself as lovable and know how worthy you are of being loved.
Money is a by product of happiness. When we look after ourselves, rest, nurture & nourish our spirits. We are able to look after those around us with enthusiasm and our natural proclivity to abundance flows. When we become trapped in a stagnant thought pattern and systemic mindset we adopt a victim mentality or feel we are not worthy of good things happening. You are worthy of having good things happen to you.
When was the last time you laughed so hard no sound came out? Can you remember? Allow the joy of that memory to fill
You up, as it will shield you in unexpected times of hardship. Make plans this coming year for moments with people who make you laugh. Dance.
Music reaches the soul. Have you ever noticed how children need very little encouragement to dance?
How singing out loud in your car can totally change your mood after a tough day. Make a playlist of your favourite songs and have them ready when you need them to lift you. I’ve given up count at how many times I’ve been caught chair dancing at traffic lights….

Above all be kind to yourself.
Learn from the past and do not allow yourself to carry it into the coming year. The lesson has been learned and it’s time to turn the page on a brand new chapter in your life. Onward….

©️Fiona Ní Mhuirri

By Fiona Faery

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