24 January, 2019 12:11

An open letter to Doreen Virtue

Hi Doreen,

As a young teenager I would call over to my best friend’s house. She shared a room with her big sisters. One of which had a deck of animal Medicine cards under her bed. When she would be out, we would take it in turns to read each other’s cards. The bedroom smelled of incense & had hand painted Louise L. Hay affirmations surrounding the mirror. I loved lazy Saturday afternoons, lying on that bedroom floor ruminating on the various meanings….When Hughes & Hughes opened in the jervis street centre,(in Dublin. Ireland) it was the first time I sneaked out of school to buy that same deck. I still have that same animal medicine deck today.
The book still smells of coconut candles & it feels like an old friend when I begin to shuffle the cards.

Many years later, the hay house phenomenon that was Doreen Virtue rolled into town. Back then I was a single mum on lone parent’s allowance. Every penny I had was precious & like all us mothers any spare money I had, I spent on my baby. Family & friends would treat me to a deck of Doreen Virtue’s Angel cards.
A friend of mine even surprised me with a seminar with You back in the last boom years. Tickets were €150 for the afternoon. I stress it was not a course, no refreshments were provided. When we arrived at the R.D.S. The full extent of the hay house marketing wheel was evident. Wall to wall vendors selling hundreds of Doreen Virtue, Books, cds, magnets, cards. Anything you could stick an angel on it was there!
I begun to become disenchanted & disillusioned with you Ms. Virtue. At your peak, a 2 day experience swimming with Dolphins & Yourself was $1000, that by the way didn’t include flights etc.
I found your books becoming repetitive, telling the same car jacking story, the re-telling of the same experiences.
At this point your decks kept coming. I have my favorites, Healing with the angels deck & Healing with the faeries deck were the decks I began reading for the general public with.

I’ve followed Your career, your divorces, a brief spell in a new age rock group, your entanglement with the I.R.S. , one massive alimony settlement with Steven Farmer,
Your new found faith etc.
Then came the announcement….
Following a meeting with Reid Tracey of Hay house, of whom you’ve been a massive cash cow for nearly 20 years. You were renouncing the very thing you had singlehandedly made popular culture….Angel Cards!
Not only were you renouncing the cards, you also wanted various publications taken off shelves & never reprinted. (Angels & Ascended masters being a major thorn in your evangelical side).
Today you went a step further….
Following your revelations with Christ you’ve published a list (how helpful!), of all the evil new age practices that are in league with the devil.
It is Official.
Doreen Virtue you have gone batshit…
Full metal jacket bible bashing bananas…..
You need to be called out on your hypocritical bullshit. The amount of times I had to read about your special relationship with Archangel Michael and how he always fixed your car issues or computer problems..so now that was Satan… ahhhh I’m with you now Doreen…
Actually, Jesus take the wheel!

Let me get this straight, you made millions from the Angels & your “divine” connection with them. You lost millions because you weren’t honest with the tax man, made bad choices with husbands & your money,
then you found Jesus ….(that’s a pretty lucrative Bible Belt) and now those of us who spent hundreds, if not thousands on your courses & merchandise were misled by you?
Or was that Satan again? I’m finding it very hard right now to separate you both, ironically.
Any solicitors on Social media here…feel like taking a collective lawsuit? To stop this manipulative woman from ever inflicting her wretchedness on the general public ever again.

Here’s the thing Doreen!
I’m happy you found the Jesus that works for you, for now. I couldn’t care less if you dance naked on your lawn wearing a Tin foil hat to protect you from all the evil energy those pissed off angels must be sending you, I wouldn’t even be surprised if Hay house has a dart board with your face pinned to it for the public relations nightmare you are causing them.
They are big corporate boys, there’re going to be ok.
However I’m seriously disgusted by your attempts to denegrate & destroy the holistic community. Beautiful treatments such as reiki, crystals , angel readings (unbelievable…..). You have said are in league with the devil.
I cannot fathom this.
I’m a medium. I’m also a psychic.
The connections I’ve made with spirit have always been loving. As spirit is pure love. In the end we pass into a consciousness of pure unconditional LOVE.
My guidance has always been ethical & always for a persons highest good.
I always found you however superficial. Your expression love & light, I made my own! I used to call the spiritual snobs the love & shight brigade. You were one of those that spouted rainbows & cupcakes.
Now all of a sudden your acknowledging the world has a dark side?
I’ve news for you Doreen.
This is Hell.
We have to live in this world of paedophophiles, rapists & murderers. They are wars & famines. Narcissistic world leaders. They are parasites whose entire purpose is to burrow into the eyes of a child to render them blind.
There is disease & sickness, heartbreak & betrayal.
We learn the lessons and we go home.
You & I believe in a completely different god.
Real spirituality is ugly. For it is only when you are in a dark place can you really appreciate the light.
Life is shadow & light. I won’t live my life terrified of an omnipotent all powerful god who condemns Me on my sexuality, morality or otherwise.
Nor will I have some so called “spiritual” person give me guidelines (with love of course..) of what I can & can’t believe in, when you’ve spent the last 20 years prostituiting every last cent you could get your greedy paws on off the backs of your fallen angels.
I’m aware of your charitable donations as your god scares the shit out of me. There must be a roasting pit waiting for you after all the hard graft you’ve put in for Old Nick.

Lastly, I’ve news for you Doreen.
People are waking up to this bullshit. I will always be grateful for the channel you facilitated through your “spiritual growth”, but now like your beliefs you are now redundant.

Love & light 😳
Just kidding…Go fuck yourself! (That was Satan….my bad!)

Fiona Ní Mhuirri

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By Fiona Faery

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