29 January, 2019 10:33

I adore teaching. There is no greater joy then seeing a person begin to understand their Mediumship ability and begin their journey of development in earnest.
I’m always asked about the level of experience needed to do a beginners level. The simple answer is…none!
In truth the natural medium will always have had a sense around certain events in their lives. Recurring dreams, prophetic dreaming, seeing loved ones in spirit would’ve been part of their past. Society teaches us to repress this information and the individual never learns how to access their abilities. For some, certain life events can trigger an awakening of their abilities. My method of teaching is through laughter, repetition & patience!
The novice medium has usually spent a life time of being self critical. My 5 month course aims to build confidence within yourself and trusting your developing abilities.
You will also be joined on your journey by a handful of like-minded individuals. Privacy is sacred & what is shared within the sacred circle stays there.
There are assignments to be completed each month. Usually on an aspect of Mediumship, to further your education in this area.
I’ve lost count the amount of times students have felt they never fitted in anywhere, only to feel a sense of connection as they finally realized their potential.
Mediumship is a journey of the soul. It is a journey of unfolding & understanding. Above all, realizing how connected we truly are.

My next beginners course commences on Sunday 10th of February at the Carnbeg Hotel, Dundalk. Intermediate level commences in Sligo in March.

If interested or know anyone that is, please send email to fiona@fionafaery.ie for more information!

By Fiona Faery

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