5 February, 2019 10:33

This one is for all the mediums on the Book of Face.

It’s so easy to get burnt out. To feel a weariness so deep in your bones you wonder, was your guardian angel drinking the day you designed your soul chart!
We work in an unregulated industry. Where any Tom, Dick or Harry can buy a deck of Angel cards & set themselves up as a 7th son of a 7th son…..we’ve all heard the nightmarish stories.
Not only does the genuine developing medium have to work through their own self-doubt, whilst trying to strengthen their connection to spirit; They face criticism from their own peers. I actively avoid cliques.
Every week clients sit in front of me sharing their “fortune teller” experiences (it’s probably why I hate the term so much)!
Then you have the those that outright condemn psychics, tarring us with the same brush.
There are those that patronise, saying, we may mean well but are mentally unwell as what we do simply cannot & does not exist.

“For those who believe, no proof is necessary, for those who do not, none is ever enough!”

Then you have the perils of working in an unregulated industry. I have worked at fairs in the past, where I heard readers offering to lift curses, attachments & undercut other readers fees. I’ve seen stand off rows between readers over issues too petty to post here.

The ego will trick you at every corner. I’ve witnessed fantastic mediums torn to shreds as a result of jealousy. I’ve been accused of having entities attached to me (There’s no way she’s that busy -she’s made a deal with the devil- I kid you not!)
I’ve had so much treachery come from my ‘own kind’ it’s laughable.

As our mediumship evolves via online readings- technology also opens new portals to destroy ones reputation. Trolls posing as dissatisfied clients- other frauds wishing to take -out another reader -take to forums & Facebook – judge & jury rolled into one- it would sicken the strongest stomach.
If you’re reading this and you’re weary. Wondering where the hell is spirit in all of this? Thinking -why have I put myself up for such criticism in front of friends,family & the outside world only to find out that I’ve more to bloody worry about on the inside!
If you’re reading this and you’re just off the phone bitching about your colleagues- YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM! It might feel so delicious having a gossip, feeling superior to another. All this in the name of spirit…..
Do you truly understand Karma?
As it understands you perfectly.

I have the novel exception of having a degree in Marketing- which keeps me very grounded. I do not suffer fools. I’m a friendly person but will not abide insincerity in any shape or form. Most two-faced gossips tend to shrivel in my presence or run in the opposite direction as I’ve no problem speaking my truth. Thing is, I wasn’t always like this!

I entered this industry in my early twenties. I was so naive. I thought that being a spiritual person meant = you were a good kind honest person. Wow I was so wrong. Being spiritual is bloody tough. You are schooled in life & the only way to do this is through experience. You must have your heart broken, you must feel the sting of betrayal- you must forsake all in the name of integrity. The path to enlightenment is littered with broken bodies. Wounded souls who have given up. Who no longer have the confidence – faith or motivation to keep on swimming.
So they tread water. If they swim into your slip stream it will be very hard to shake them, for they will have knowledge & experience you desire, but as soon as you begin to find your strength they will remind you of your shortcomings. Tell you of other stronger swimmers, make you doubt your abilities. When you finally break away from them, you are adrift, confused? How did I let this person influence my opinions? Why did I give my power over so readily?
This person may also influence many others so you may even find yourself ostracised from an entire community.

Support is invaluable to the developing & advanced medium. Whether you’re an emotive clairsentient or straight from the hip-shooting claircoginent – having other mediums to support your growth and bounce dreams, symbols, signs off, can be incredibly helpful.

Jealousy is rife within this industry. Once you accept that & learn to check yourself when you feel you are being petty you won’t go too far wrong. I’ve sat in the presence of famous mediums who have muddied the names of other well known mediums for the most petty of reasons. I’ve always told my students, the ego will tell you that you are shit or shit-hot! It will catch you where you are most vulnerable and feed off that. The most common feeling is that of inadequacy. I’m not good enough! Brilliant- the ego will keep you in the corner afraid to draw any attention to your beautiful heart . Watch your thoughts – they become intentions- your intentions become reality.
So, if you feel you’re not good enough, you will unwittingly set off a chain reaction of events & circumstances into your life TO VALIDATE YOUR NEGATIVE MINDSET.
Now on to the other breed- the shit hots. These ones get off by putting other mediums down. They’ve done every course their is to do-normally on first name terms with all the greats and love to tell you where you are going wrong in your mediumship, as a matter of fact will tell everyone where you’re going wrong. Sad thing is, these ones tend to have pretty strong personalities and it’s just easier to sit there and let them bitch & assassinate another’s reputation as long as they leave you alone….right? WRONG.
You’re compliance ensures their dominance. You may as well bad mouth the individual as well. Silence is the cowards weapon of choice.
Remove yourself from the company of such individual/s. If you feel you can’t truly express yourself for fear of being judged- it’s very wrong for you to be around folks you don’t trust!
I get told- “but Fiona, you don’t understand- there’s no where else teaching this course or no-one else that shares my interests” So what? You stay in a destructive cycle with psychic bullies? WTF!!!

Has it ever occurred to you- that spirit are waving big massive red flags at you – trying to get you to move the hell on- but you’re too busy being a martyr to the cause you can’t see the writing on the wall….!

There will always be people in this life who won’t like you. Deal with it. This need to be liked & accepted is natural , but if you are truly to advance & listen to your soul’s guidance- you are going to piss people off- period!

Stop trying to fit it- you don’t! You were born with distinctive abilities to help people who are wrestling with the darkness of bereavement. You have been sent to punch a hole through grief. To give hope where all is lost. To remind someone of how powerful they can be. In order to do this you must shine your own light. Follow your own heart. Trust- trust- trust that you shall never be led astray. You will meet some wonderful magical people- you will also meet some very messed up bat-shit crazy people too. Always remember if you follow your own truth you won’t go far wrong.
We all come here to work through karma from various life-times whilst simultaneously incurring karma In the present. Be aware of your actions. None of us are perfect. You can take a massive leap forward In your own development by being aware of your own words. All words carry energy. They carry needles of poison or are ampules of encouragement. You and you alone control what comes out of your mouth. You didn’t chose this path – it chose you…..
Start to see the signs- recognise the beauty & eloquence of spirit. Stop caring so much about what people think & just do it!
Failure is a natural part of life. There is always a lesson behind the pain. The trick here is to get past the pain and not allow it to hinder you or taint your vision to what lies beyond.

So much greatness awaits. The joy of blending your soul with spirit. The honor it is to be present when the light comes back into a persons eyes & you know their soul has re-ignited once more. This is what you were born to do.
Now get over yourself and DO IT!

(C) Fiona NĂ­ Mhuirri

By Fiona Faery

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