21 February, 2019 10:57

I’ve been asked several times how did I grow my page / attract an audience etc. The truth is there’s no magic recipe. It’s simply being authentic and I share or create content that I find inspiring.
I also have an amazing assistant that works with me on an intuitive level. Teresa only has to say, “Fiona will you write a piece this week”, and I get the creative juices flowing & Inspiration tends to find me!
I’ve come to realise that what I define as spiritual may not match your definition and that’s ok.
It would be a boring life if we all held the same views , but if we can be respectful of each other’s views we can stand to learn a lot.
When I was running for student president back in college, my two girlfriends heard two other girls discussing me at the washbasins. “I don’t know about her, she’s too passionate about stuff!”
My friends thought this was hilarious as they reckoned being passionate was a virtue and the very reason to give me a vote, but nevertheless an interesting insight.
I began to realise that no matter who I was or what I said, I would always inevitably piss somebody off. So I may as well do what makes me happy right?
I wouldn’t be twenty again for all the tea in China! My twenties felt so insecure, I didn’t really know what I wanted from life. My thirties motherhood & my career fought for equal footing in my priorities. It wasn’t until I hit my 40’s did I feel like I had finally found my stride! Knowing who you are as a woman is incredibly powerful. Knowing my strengths & accepting my weaknesses enables me to hold a sacred space for my clients. There is zero judgment as I understand why a certain path initiated a sequence of events in a clients life that led to the current situation being lived out in full technicolor!
If I find a certain repetitive pattern in Sittings, I write about it. As I feel it will help shine a light into another’s world.
We carry around these feelings of shame, disgust, fear, anger, sadness & self-loathing. We bottle it all up and believe on some level we are not worthy of joy or happiness.
I’ve found the folks with the darkest struggles have often the deepest appreciation of happiness.
I’ve noticed those who have been isolated have the biggest hearts of compassion for their fellow man.
I’ve conducted readings through a monitored prison phone line where the prisoner wanted to know about finding love when he was released. I’ve read for a priest who had to leave his parish as he was struggling to reconcile his views , I’ve read for a young man scared of coming out to his religious family, a woman secretly seeing her boss.
I remember one ‘happily’ married older gentleman asking me did I see a young thing on the cards for him!!!! Every single walk of life you can think of I’ve read for!
In the midst of this I’ve been on my own learning curve with spirit.
I will never stop learning.
I’ve always been excited to connect with a client. I know my clients feel it too! Once I connect in with their soul energy I’m off!
There are invariably times where I don’t really click with a client. I can tell you straight away that they are the usual “you tell me” brigade!
As if I was telepathic!
I’m more interested in working with clients that want to effect change in their lives not simply to get their kicks!
That may sound harsh but it’s the truth! I’ve had a lifetime of trying to fit inside a politically correct box and now I live life on my own terms!
One thing I’ve noticed is, that we are all having our intuitive abilities awakened. The great mass awakening has started.
Nowadays , folk are calling bullshit much quicker than ever. Political structures will buckle & collapse as people are realising their true power in unity. We are collectively tuning in to our gut feelings and acting on it. Growth is uncomfortable. It makes other people uncomfortable.
You just have to keep growing.
Folk will tell you, you’ve no business growing. You will be challenged on your growth. Keep growing.
The Facebook counter clicks to 10,000! Thank you for following me. Thank you for being part of my journey on this planet that’s hurtling through space & time as I type these words. Thank you for your presence on this page.
Here’s to growing, learning & laughing together in 2019.

©️Fiona Ní Mhuirri

By Fiona Faery

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