13 March, 2019 13:19

How’s your Retrograde?

Due to the fact that this M.R. Is in Pisces, one of the emotionally deepest signs of the zodiac (Both my parents are Pisceans!), this month is all about uprooting how we really feel. Anxiety levels are through the roof, so if you catch yourself second guessing your actions or just feeling genuinely paranoid….welcome to this shit show of a month!

The filters are switched off so ultimatums may be issued!

Your capacity for Patience & compassion will be tested to the Max. In all my years, I’ve never had so much miscommunication in my office. We are rolling with it, but it’s count to five…breathe & carry on!

I’m looking at the political landscape, crossed wires, bad communication and lack of trust sees the brexit ship giving the Titanic a run for its’ money!

In Ireland we have storm Gareth battering the west coast and north west of our country. It really feels as if the heavens are mirroring our collective confusion & disorientation within.

It’s not all doom & gloom though. A certain few needed some home truths. You can say the planets aligned in the perfect order and you found yourself standing up for your integrity and speaking your truth. Good for you!

Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac so there’s a feeling of endings & new beginnings.

I always feel a tiredness in my body as something is ending, so go easy on yourself;especially if you suffer with a bad back. (Lack Of support etc). It also may see you finally say enough is enough as you step of the merry go round of denial for the last time and face the reality of your situation.

This M.R. Has quite a broad spectrum. Addictions may be faced. Disloyalty discarded. Comfort eating addressed.

The old gives way to the new, so excitement over new job, new house, etc. You may instinctively feel that this is going to be your year.

I feel the wheel turning for those that had a really shit 2018. This M.R. Is a cleanse of sorts. I’m noticing it’s bringing up a lot of closure for folk. It’s the time to let go & move on. Bringing peace into your heart again, if you allow it.

In truth this M.R. Is all about personal responsibility. You are in control of your emotions. Feelings are not facts. If you find yourself feeling mithered & ungrounded get outside. Get a quick ten minute walk in before or after work. As you ground your energy your common sense will empower you. Salt baths or showers are another way of anchoring your energy. I find the key with this retrograde is to be physically in your body in the present moment. Stay grounded as the Piscean emotional tides that sweep through your sign, can trigger old wounds & resentments Bringing you far off track.

Watch your inner critic. You could tear yourself to shreds this month.

The usual keyboard warriors abound. I’m sick of turning on the news to see constant turmoil & disorder, then I look at my Twitter or Facebook feed and it’s the exact same with more vitriol for good measure. This month I’m reading or watching Netflix!

I’m enjoying my evenings of turning off all the ‘noise’ and curling up with a good book or fab series.

Being present with people is important, as his retaining your sense of humour! Have had many a laugh this month with clients about their respective Retrogrades! You can either laugh or cry Right?

Don’t give up on your dreams and don’t let anyone tell you what they think is ‘best for you’.

Trust yourself.

Believe you are worthy of good things.

Start making a plan, get the creative juices flowing & come March 28th when Mercury goes direct get out there and go for it!

But for now, we are all in the trenches together and p.s if you see someone struggling help them don’t wait to be asked.(remember what I said about being physical) just do it.

Check on your friends. Reconnect with old friends.

As this Retrograde brings a gift.

Remember who you are….

©️Fiona Ní Mhuirri

By Fiona Faery

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