2 April, 2019 10:08

Emerging from I can only describe as one of the worst retrogrades ever! The interesting aspect of this Mercury Retrograde is that we were all in the trenches together! I received so many messages asking me when it was over! As it was in the sign of Pisces very deep repressed emotions surfaced. Issues / situations you’d thought you’d healed from, disputes you thought you’d resolved, bridges you thought you’d crossed resurfaced like some zombie resurrection movie to put the fear of god into you.
I’ve read for so many this last few weeks questioning their life choices. The energy was so intense we were collectively having an existential crisis of faith within ourselves. Even my most positive clients that skip up that path, were sitting in front of me with the spring out of their step & second guessing their lives.
There was an also an air of aggression about. People really forgot their manners this month. I also noticed everybody had an opinion on everything, nobody could simply agree to disagree, but sadly perhaps I feel this is the times we are living in now. Social media can become a place of polarization. Where you choose what you see & tailor your newsfeed to your taste. A symptom of this is clusters of people feeling disillusioned & disconnected from a balanced viewpoint.
The great politically correct machine thunders forward and leaves a trail of subversives in its wake. Whilst appearing onboard with what is “right” & “fair”, they are harboring darker resentments that show in the ballot boxes.
Political disarray shows no sign of letting up. Polarizing ambition is unmasked for all to see as the Brexit hounds bay for political bloodshed.
The Jupiter retrograde commences in April & finishes in August this year. Jupiter governs higher learning, wisdom, expansion & travel. Unlike Mercury Retrograde it doesn’t cause chaos or mess with our lives. Instead a Jupiter retrograde will bring about a questioning of our soul’s path. A pull to travel & explore. A call to embrace our confidence. To take a chance.
As April arrives it’s time to shake the husk of winter away. Book that holiday. Follow that hunch. Ring that friend & most importantly believe in yourself.
You deserve to be happy.
I feel we could all do with our tigger bounces coming back!

©️Fiona Ní Mhuirri

By Fiona Faery

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