24 April, 2019 10:27

A prominent therapist I admire recently posted a recommendation for a Psychic on their Facebook page.
My initial reaction was joy, as I was tickled pink to see such a prominent mainstream person advocate us sensitives.
However, as I looked at the psychics sexual profile photo, Prices instead of profile info….I felt that sinking feeling of the prostitution of psychic services.
I loath charge by hour hotlines and I realized how many people have turned to us sensitives instead of mainstream therapists.
A major part of my work is referring clients on to therapists across a wide stream of services, whether it be Women’s aid, bereavement counselling , legal aid and mainstream therapists.

Unless stated Psychics are not therapists. Many indeed go on to train as psychotherapists, counsellors etc. We should never be used as a substitute for one.

My main purpose is to help you connect with your purpose.
You must be in the right headspace to be able to hear that guidance and feel it resonate with your core being. If you are disconnected with your own truth how do you recognize it in another?
Coming to a place of openness and acceptance within yourself if your own flaws/ pain / journey can really help you get the best from a sitting.
However if you are still fighting with yourself, it can be very difficult to hear any other insight that differs from your own blinkered, wounded perspective.

Psychics are not telepathic
We do not read minds
We can not & should not tell you how to live your life.
We can only guide you & hold a sacred space for you to reflect on your journey so far and advise you on the different paths opening up to you at this transitional time in your life.

You alone must choose the path, as ultimately it is your life and you must walk your truth.
I would always advocate therapy first. Indeed , therapy is not for everyone but if you went to a hairdresser and got a bad haircut it wouldn’t put you off getting your haircut ever again.

My industry is unregulated.
When an industry is unregulated it is open to being manipulated and preyed upon by vultures. Any Tom , dick or Harry can buy a deck of cards and call Themselves “A reader to the stars”.
When an individual is ungrounded and hurting all they want is a narrative that conforms with the story they have in their heads at that point, no matter how much integrity an intuitive has, they will be tossed aside as “rubbish” as they didn’t tell The client what “they wanted to hear”.
Indeed a session with a therapist would’ve been much more beneficial to get to the root of the triggers around their victim mentality etc…
Within an unregulated industry every Psychic must become self regulated. Their codes of conduct are based on their own ethic principles/ religious beliefs etc

I adhere to a strict 6 month wait list between Sittings , this is to stop co-dependence on me as a reader and my Sittings being used as a one size fits all band aid for the sitter. It also promotes a healthy, grounded relationship between intuitive & client.

There are so many misconceptions surrounding psychics.
Why hasn’t a psychic won the lotto?
We do not have telepathic abilities, we cannot read minds.
We are simply individuals who have listened to our intuition and recognize when an individual is not listening to theirs, therefore we hold sacred space so they can find their way back home to themselves.
We should never be used as a substitute for a therapist, doctor, health professional or lawyer.
We cannot give you information on something we have zero knowledge of ourselves , for if we did it would be called telepathy and as I’ve already mentioned I’ve yet to find evidence of it existing. This is why you will
Gravitate toward the sensitive that connects with you. They will share life lessons / wisdom that will aid you on your journey.
It is also why, you & your friend may disagree on the accuracy on the same psychic. Your life lesson may have connected with their wisdom that helped guide you, yet your friend may have gone through a completely different set of life experiences that the intuitive has yet to face, so they would only have basic knowledge of the issue at hand.
We are not all seeing oracles…just regular people going about their lives raising their families, that just happen to feel & sense things very deeply. So put your wedding band back on if you’re trying to “catch” a psychic out! Coming into a sitting with such low energy is already counter productive.

An intuitive reading can bring comfort and reassurance when you’re at that point in your life when you are finally ready to listen and recognize your truth…..however if you’re not at that point you need to look after your mental health and place it in the hands of a professional with the training to help you recognize yourself again……

©️Fiona Ní Mhuirri

By Fiona Faery

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