27 December, 2019 17:59

As I drove home today, my heart full from spending a Christmas with loved ones I drove past a graveyard.
Two women stood, arms interlocking looking down upon a grave. I could feel their longing, happier memories with their deceased loved one being shared between them.
It made me think how life has so many twists & turns. We are constantly rushing toward the next goal, saving for the next holiday, looking for our next romance. In the midst of the ordinary can strike life changing moments. Betrayal , death, sickness, unemployment, addiction and your family are never the same again.
It is those magical memories , of love & laughter that carry you through the trauma.
I’ve thought a lot about the expression “it’s the presence under the tree that counts, not the presents”.
I feel we are beginning to turn away from materialistic Christmases , whereby thousands of perfect Instagram images flood our timelines.
I’ve seen more family photos posted this year, reunions & celebrations.
Truly, if it’s one thing I’ve noticed is we are changing as a society.
So many households put their lights up early this year. Wanting to bring joy into their homes.
Acute awareness around homelessness etc. One Irish blogger called Rosie Connolly raised over a quarter of a million for children’s charities by the auctioning of a designer handbag. Eco campaigners such as Greta Thunberg are making us conscious consumers.
There are so many subtle energetic shifts I’ve observed over the last year, that I feel through these dark political times we collectively are taking responsibility for the light. It is up to us to campaign , to use our voices. 2019 has shown us that one voice no matter how small has the power to rally a war cry if necessary.
The darkness can make us bitter.
It is only our choices that can make things better.
Horrible things happen to good people, betrayal always comes from those that are dear. Justice is not guaranteed , money talks and it is rare to find a person who places integrity before their own self interest.
All of the above are powerful & painful lessons. I’ve been brought to my knees only to realise years later the wisdom lies on the other side of pain, if you don’t allow your heart to harden.
We are all connected.
You make a difference.

The more we look out for one another, choose kindness , integrity & holding others accountable for their words.
If you’ve had a rough Christmas, I hope 2020 brings a positive change in your circumstance and you protect your beautiful heart. If you’ve had a wonderful Christmas, take a picture with your eyes, cherish it and keep it close to your heart, for it will be the kindle that ignites your weary soul in the darkest of nights…..

©️Fiona Ní Mhuirri

By Fiona Faery

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