31 December, 2019 21:52

If you are sitting at home reading this, looking at all the new year, new me posts. Scrolling absentmindedly through your feed with a heavy heart.
Looking at filtered images of illusionary projections, Reading re-shared memes with passive aggressive undertones.
Stall the scrolling there for two seconds! I see you!
You know this is all bullshit right?
If you have your feet up with shit telly on or if you’re on your phone trying to escape the above & thinking you could be so much better off….you could be one of those eejets that posts “I’m bored” statuses!
There’s someone in a hospital bed right now that would love to have that healthy complaint.
Before you start littering peoples newsfeeds or messenger boxes with messages of goodwill. (which really grates my gears & clutters up my inbox!) How many of those people on that friends list of yours have you actually spoken to in the last year, how many have you actually met?
When was the last time you lifted the phone & connected?
There are 3 times a year I see people act very strangely , Christmas , New Year’s Eve & Valentine’s Day.
It does not take another human being to complete you.
There I said it.
As if looking into the abyss of single hood is a fate worse then death. You need a healthy dose of cop on…
I’ve seen so many people crippled by their loneliness in a loveless marriage, because they were so terrified of being “left on the shelf” they settled for anyone that would have them on any terms.
Grief can destroy you.
This time of year is especially shit, as there are constant reminders of family, family , family.
There are no Christmas ads with widows etc.
The family Stone, is one of the more recent pictures that depicts a less then perfect Christmas & coping with grief during the Christmas period. It’s probably why it’s one of my favourite Christmas films.
I’ve seen posts about how folk aren’t feeling like it was Christmas.
Christmas isn’t a feeling you can buy. You can spend a couple of grand on an all expensive trip to Lapland and still be miserable (and a few grand lighter!!).
The power has been inside you all along.
Your loved ones in spirit walk with you every day and live on through you. Their blood flows through your veins. Doesn’t change the fact that they are gone , but the love you have for them is more precious then the rarest gem.
If you’re miserable in your life right now and are feeling very sorry for yourself…start counting your blessings.
You are the only person who has the ability to choose your life’s path. We may not have a choice over what happens to us , but we sure as hell can choose what our next steps will be.
Will they be steps taken in
Bitterness? Resentment? Revenge?
Do you choose to rise from the ashes and rebuild yourself?
Seek out the helpers, engage with your community , look after your mental health & love that beautiful heart of yours.
Your job does not define you
Your looks do not define you
Your marriage status does not define you
You alone are in charge of your destiny. If it means telling your inner critic to shut the hell up..and looking at what you love about yourself instead of how you are failing at life, by comparing yourself to some gobshite’s pictures on Facebook who you don’t even like by the way!!!!
Go for that walk tomorrow. Ring that friend. Apologise. Laugh. Cry. Make love.
This life is for living not existing.
Move in to 2020 with hope in your heart and fire in your belly.
May your ancestors walk with you
May you be blessed with courage
May you look upon others with empathy
May your words be tempered with kindness
May joy find you in unexpected places
May you find the value of your time
May your boundaries be defined

Blessed be.

©️Fiona Ní Mhuirri

By Fiona Faery

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