12 January, 2020 21:18

The new year has officially begun.
The Decorations are down for another year. That bare feeling that resides in the home, after all the lights & tinselled tree have been returned to their place in the attic.
We are all back to work & the schools are brimming with activity once more.
January is a fantastic time for a clear out, energetically & physically.
After the Christmas purge you have literally created space.
We hold space for others so often , we forget to hold space for ourselves.
I’ve never understood the new year , new me concept!
I’m going to continue to be me ,but learn from past mistakes, not using them as rods for my back but stepping stones to my future.
I love the space a January clear out gives me, in my closets, fridge & pantry. The house gets gutted, and you begin to realistically ground yourself. Economically you reign in the purse strings, folk attempt a veganary or dry January! We have clear outs on many levels. A high amount of break ups happen in January, ironically this year I saw an even higher amount just before Christmas this year!
The chinese year of the Rat approaches In February.
Rats are industrious creatures, making this a great year for all
Kinds of planing, be it family planning or financial. Discipline & perseverance are key.
Actually, come to think of it those two words sum up January pretty well!
We can drag ourselves through the proverbial hedge this month , as gyms are fit to bursting with good intentions & weight loss subscriptions go through the roof.
May I suggest a 3rd word?
How about kindness?
When you are ready to truly embrace a new idea , person , concept etc … you feel ready on every single level. Something inside you clicks into place, even if you’ve attempted it many times before , this time it feels different you know it will be successful.
If that’s the feeling you get and you’re embarking on anything I’ve already mentioned or another project …GO FOR IT!
Throw everything you got at it, that resolve , coupled with patience & discipline will
See you in good stead.
However, if you are going into this year with half arsed , resolutions out the window, glass half full attitude….how about you be kind to yourself in January.
Slow down.
Listen to your body. Rest if you must. Don’t give up, just allow your intuition to speak to you.
Anxiety can cloud the intuition. Getting outside to clear your head, helps you connect to your truth, your breath and internal rhythm. What makes you happy?
When was the last time you did something just for the fun of it? What steps can you take toward your dreams this year?
Do You still dream?
Is it time to break out of a self imposed rut of comfort?
Take baby steps.
Start with a single flame of curiosity. It’s kindle keep close to
Your chest as the faintest breeze of negativity will quench it instantly. Allow yourself to be guided to places, people, hobbies that begin to ignite that spark, soon your curiosity, will
Awaken the passion inside once more and you will feel alive in so many ways.
Our sparks can be dimmed by loneliness , cruelty, illness , unemployment, bereavement, divorce, betrayal etc. You have a choice to find a way to ignite your inner light. It starts with you being kind to yourself. Loving yourself.
Taking one day at a time.
Use this month as a reset button, ask yourself what are the small steps you need to take for a new chapter to form in reality.
Be kind.
Always choose kindness.
Starting with yourself right now.

©️Fiona Ni Mhuirri

By Fiona Faery

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