15 February, 2020 22:27

I wrote about love the other day. Today I want to write about kindness.
Tv presenter Caroline Flack took her life on Valentine’s Day.
There is no doubt this vulnerable woman had issues, but there is blood on the hands of every internet troll & news publication that ran defamatory stories about her.
Caroline’s death is the 3rd from the Love island reality series.
Cancel culture kills.
As a society we have become desensitised & dehumanise our celebrities. Build those celebrities up, and the moment they show any signs of being human…take equal relish in tearing them down.
I want every single person reading this to look at the online publications you subscribe too.
We all have to take collective responsibility in subscribing to these rag mags, gossip columns & dodgy “news” outlets.
For us it was a 5 minute read with a cuppa, for the person who was living that hell…it was their life, their character , their looks, weight, reputation, talent, being dragged through the mire.
The argument that this goes with the turf, simply doesn’t cut the mustard any more. We are living in times where you can literally connect with your favourite celebrities online, this also leaves them vulnerable to twisted, hateful attacks from trolls.
There is an undercurrent of jealousy & begrudgery toward celebrities. The fact that they have somehow “made it”, makes them fair game.
They are human beings.
Can you imagine If someone you loved was being trolled online?
If it was your child you would go straight into their school & speak to the principal. If it was an adult , you would seek out h.r. department etc.
Celebrities are seen as bankable commodities. Intimate Photos selling for hundreds of thousands.
We the public, are the ones that fuel the fire & keep those salacious engines churning out garbage. It’s time to collectively unsubscribe from such media outlets. It’s time to bring the humanity back into how we approach celebrity.
Before that spotlight they have been placed under, ultimately ends up extinguishing their light.
Be kind.
Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Words have the power to lift you up or ultimately destroy an individual.
Sadly, in this case it contributed to one woman ending her life.
We need to do better as a society.
Think before you type…

©️Fiona Ní Mhuirri

By Fiona Faery

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