10 March, 2020 10:57

I’m sitting in a coffee shop, the rain is falling heavily outside. So hard that the droplets are forming interconnected streams, racing each other down the window!
The corona virus has swept fear across the world. An epidemic of panic buying, coupled with an “every man for himself” attitude has people fighting over toilet paper in stores.
There’s an energy of distrust in the air. You’re either in the camp of bulk buying disaster mode or your scratching your head at folk wearing masks crossing the street……..!
I’ve found myself pondering the question “did people not wash their hands before this?”
I was brought up with animals, so my mother was very strict about washing hands etc. If anything it’s brought it more into our awareness. Which is a good thing. What I don’t feel is healthy is this paranoia that is lingering in the air.
It’s only several weeks since Caroline Flack has passed & the hashtag #bekind was on all of our newsfeeds. Those same rag Mags & “news outlets” are now peddling panic.
We need to keep informed, but it’s also important that we stick to a reputable news source & unfollow any scaremongering sites.
There are many that have genuine cause for concern. Those with autoimmune disorders & the elderly need our concern.
You stocking up? Check on your elderly neighbour or those you know have comprised immune systems as they are genuinely in fear of going outside.
Fear can seep it’s way into your nervous system & it can develop a herd mentality , that even we find difficult to comprehend. I understand it perfectly.
We are so connected as a species and it is in times of difficulty that our collective fight or flight kicks in. Panic can spread like wildfire.

We all need to take a collective deep breath. This will pass. Life will go on. Remember Kindness?
Unplug yourself from the matrix, reconnect with your common sense and bloody use it!!!!
We are all in this together….when we come together in our communities, we can affect change in ways we never thought possible. Let’s be sensible, follow the protocols….but let kindness be your guide. It’s gonna be ok….

©️Fiona Ní Mhuirri

By Fiona Faery

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