24 April, 2019 10:27

A prominent therapist I admire recently posted a recommendation for a Psychic on their Facebook page.
My initial reaction was joy, as I was tickled pink to see such a prominent mainstream person advocate us sensitives.
However, as I looked at the psychics sexual profile photo, Prices instead of profile info….I felt that sinking feeling of the prostitution of psychic services.
I loath charge by hour hotlines and I realized how many people have turned to us sensitives instead of mainstream therapists.
A major part of my work is referring clients on to therapists across a wide stream of services, whether it be Women’s aid, bereavement counselling , legal aid and mainstream therapists.

Unless stated Psychics are not therapists. Many indeed go on to train as psychotherapists, counsellors etc. We should never be used as a substitute for one.

My main purpose is to help you connect with your purpose.
You must be in the right headspace to be able to hear that guidance and feel it resonate with your core being. If you are disconnected with your own truth how do you recognize it in another?
Coming to a place of openness and acceptance within yourself if your own flaws/ pain / journey can really help you get the best from a sitting.
However if you are still fighting with yourself, it can be very difficult to hear any other insight that differs from your own blinkered, wounded perspective.

Psychics are not telepathic
We do not read minds
We can not & should not tell you how to live your life.
We can only guide you & hold a sacred space for you to reflect on your journey so far and advise you on the different paths opening up to you at this transitional time in your life.

You alone must choose the path, as ultimately it is your life and you must walk your truth.
I would always advocate therapy first. Indeed , therapy is not for everyone but if you went to a hairdresser and got a bad haircut it wouldn’t put you off getting your haircut ever again.

My industry is unregulated.
When an industry is unregulated it is open to being manipulated and preyed upon by vultures. Any Tom , dick or Harry can buy a deck of cards and call Themselves “A reader to the stars”.
When an individual is ungrounded and hurting all they want is a narrative that conforms with the story they have in their heads at that point, no matter how much integrity an intuitive has, they will be tossed aside as “rubbish” as they didn’t tell The client what “they wanted to hear”.
Indeed a session with a therapist would’ve been much more beneficial to get to the root of the triggers around their victim mentality etc…
Within an unregulated industry every Psychic must become self regulated. Their codes of conduct are based on their own ethic principles/ religious beliefs etc

I adhere to a strict 6 month wait list between Sittings , this is to stop co-dependence on me as a reader and my Sittings being used as a one size fits all band aid for the sitter. It also promotes a healthy, grounded relationship between intuitive & client.

There are so many misconceptions surrounding psychics.
Why hasn’t a psychic won the lotto?
We do not have telepathic abilities, we cannot read minds.
We are simply individuals who have listened to our intuition and recognize when an individual is not listening to theirs, therefore we hold sacred space so they can find their way back home to themselves.
We should never be used as a substitute for a therapist, doctor, health professional or lawyer.
We cannot give you information on something we have zero knowledge of ourselves , for if we did it would be called telepathy and as I’ve already mentioned I’ve yet to find evidence of it existing. This is why you will
Gravitate toward the sensitive that connects with you. They will share life lessons / wisdom that will aid you on your journey.
It is also why, you & your friend may disagree on the accuracy on the same psychic. Your life lesson may have connected with their wisdom that helped guide you, yet your friend may have gone through a completely different set of life experiences that the intuitive has yet to face, so they would only have basic knowledge of the issue at hand.
We are not all seeing oracles…just regular people going about their lives raising their families, that just happen to feel & sense things very deeply. So put your wedding band back on if you’re trying to “catch” a psychic out! Coming into a sitting with such low energy is already counter productive.

An intuitive reading can bring comfort and reassurance when you’re at that point in your life when you are finally ready to listen and recognize your truth…..however if you’re not at that point you need to look after your mental health and place it in the hands of a professional with the training to help you recognize yourself again……

©️Fiona Ní Mhuirri

By Fiona Faery

10 April, 2019 09:13

There’re in a better place:(I wish I could be in a better place)

At least they’re free from pain:
(This conversation is painful)

They wouldn’t like to see you upset:
(Your tears are making me uncomfortable)

They had a good run:

Sure they were a good age anyways:
(Old again)

At least they didn’t die roaring:
(Grief Shaming)

You can get on with your life now:
(More heartless grief shaming)

You’re young enough you could still meet someone else:

(You are a complete dick)

I’m sorry for your loss……👌🏻

Next time you offer condolences to someone be mindful of the language you use. The death of an older matriarch/ patriarch can devastate an entire clan, well intentioned ageist statements can offend deeply. The family know how old their loved one was, that doesn Make it any easier, if anything they had longer to love them. Their legacy will forever be woven into the patchwork of their lives.

The death of a partner can leave the existing widow / widower having to completely reevaluate her life. Coupled Friends may pull away due to their own ignorant insecurities.
Do not suggest they get back out dating. It is an incredibly heartless suggestion and says more about how uncomfortable you are sitting with their pain. Learn to keep
Your mouth shut and listen.

Suggesting a loved one is now free from pain is the most dumbass statement ever. It not only serves as a trigger to the suffering they endured but as a needless reminder that they are dead.

Comparing deaths is akin to grief shaming. All Families grieve differently and offering empty platitudes such as “at least they didn’t suffer” to
People who are clearly suffering is thoughtless. Following up that statement with “so & so had it way worse at least they went peacefully” is grief shaming at its worse.

Finally do not say they are in a better place to loved ones that are in the worst place in their lives. Whilst the saccharine intention is to depict a heavenly state of calm, loved ones can find it very distressing to think their loved one has moved on without a care for their current state.

I’m sorry for your loss still is the most honest and sincere form of condolences to offer.
It is usually in the weeks / months following a funeral that the silence can be deafening.
A phone call , a walk, a coffee date and physically checking in can make a world of a difference to a grieving soul.
It’s not about you.

©️Fiona Ní Mhuirrí

By Fiona Faery

2 April, 2019 10:08

Emerging from I can only describe as one of the worst retrogrades ever! The interesting aspect of this Mercury Retrograde is that we were all in the trenches together! I received so many messages asking me when it was over! As it was in the sign of Pisces very deep repressed emotions surfaced. Issues / situations you’d thought you’d healed from, disputes you thought you’d resolved, bridges you thought you’d crossed resurfaced like some zombie resurrection movie to put the fear of god into you.
I’ve read for so many this last few weeks questioning their life choices. The energy was so intense we were collectively having an existential crisis of faith within ourselves. Even my most positive clients that skip up that path, were sitting in front of me with the spring out of their step & second guessing their lives.
There was an also an air of aggression about. People really forgot their manners this month. I also noticed everybody had an opinion on everything, nobody could simply agree to disagree, but sadly perhaps I feel this is the times we are living in now. Social media can become a place of polarization. Where you choose what you see & tailor your newsfeed to your taste. A symptom of this is clusters of people feeling disillusioned & disconnected from a balanced viewpoint.
The great politically correct machine thunders forward and leaves a trail of subversives in its wake. Whilst appearing onboard with what is “right” & “fair”, they are harboring darker resentments that show in the ballot boxes.
Political disarray shows no sign of letting up. Polarizing ambition is unmasked for all to see as the Brexit hounds bay for political bloodshed.
The Jupiter retrograde commences in April & finishes in August this year. Jupiter governs higher learning, wisdom, expansion & travel. Unlike Mercury Retrograde it doesn’t cause chaos or mess with our lives. Instead a Jupiter retrograde will bring about a questioning of our soul’s path. A pull to travel & explore. A call to embrace our confidence. To take a chance.
As April arrives it’s time to shake the husk of winter away. Book that holiday. Follow that hunch. Ring that friend & most importantly believe in yourself.
You deserve to be happy.
I feel we could all do with our tigger bounces coming back!

©️Fiona Ní Mhuirri

By Fiona Faery

13 March, 2019 13:19

How’s your Retrograde?

Due to the fact that this M.R. Is in Pisces, one of the emotionally deepest signs of the zodiac (Both my parents are Pisceans!), this month is all about uprooting how we really feel. Anxiety levels are through the roof, so if you catch yourself second guessing your actions or just feeling genuinely paranoid….welcome to this shit show of a month!

The filters are switched off so ultimatums may be issued!

Your capacity for Patience & compassion will be tested to the Max. In all my years, I’ve never had so much miscommunication in my office. We are rolling with it, but it’s count to five…breathe & carry on!

I’m looking at the political landscape, crossed wires, bad communication and lack of trust sees the brexit ship giving the Titanic a run for its’ money!

In Ireland we have storm Gareth battering the west coast and north west of our country. It really feels as if the heavens are mirroring our collective confusion & disorientation within.

It’s not all doom & gloom though. A certain few needed some home truths. You can say the planets aligned in the perfect order and you found yourself standing up for your integrity and speaking your truth. Good for you!

Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac so there’s a feeling of endings & new beginnings.

I always feel a tiredness in my body as something is ending, so go easy on yourself;especially if you suffer with a bad back. (Lack Of support etc). It also may see you finally say enough is enough as you step of the merry go round of denial for the last time and face the reality of your situation.

This M.R. Has quite a broad spectrum. Addictions may be faced. Disloyalty discarded. Comfort eating addressed.

The old gives way to the new, so excitement over new job, new house, etc. You may instinctively feel that this is going to be your year.

I feel the wheel turning for those that had a really shit 2018. This M.R. Is a cleanse of sorts. I’m noticing it’s bringing up a lot of closure for folk. It’s the time to let go & move on. Bringing peace into your heart again, if you allow it.

In truth this M.R. Is all about personal responsibility. You are in control of your emotions. Feelings are not facts. If you find yourself feeling mithered & ungrounded get outside. Get a quick ten minute walk in before or after work. As you ground your energy your common sense will empower you. Salt baths or showers are another way of anchoring your energy. I find the key with this retrograde is to be physically in your body in the present moment. Stay grounded as the Piscean emotional tides that sweep through your sign, can trigger old wounds & resentments Bringing you far off track.

Watch your inner critic. You could tear yourself to shreds this month.

The usual keyboard warriors abound. I’m sick of turning on the news to see constant turmoil & disorder, then I look at my Twitter or Facebook feed and it’s the exact same with more vitriol for good measure. This month I’m reading or watching Netflix!

I’m enjoying my evenings of turning off all the ‘noise’ and curling up with a good book or fab series.

Being present with people is important, as his retaining your sense of humour! Have had many a laugh this month with clients about their respective Retrogrades! You can either laugh or cry Right?

Don’t give up on your dreams and don’t let anyone tell you what they think is ‘best for you’.

Trust yourself.

Believe you are worthy of good things.

Start making a plan, get the creative juices flowing & come March 28th when Mercury goes direct get out there and go for it!

But for now, we are all in the trenches together and p.s if you see someone struggling help them don’t wait to be asked.(remember what I said about being physical) just do it.

Check on your friends. Reconnect with old friends.

As this Retrograde brings a gift.

Remember who you are….

©️Fiona Ní Mhuirri

By Fiona Faery

5 March, 2019 14:47

I remember I first heard The Prodigy on pirate radio in the early 90’s. Waiting with baited breath to hit the play & record buttons to blank cassette tapes…hoping the DJ wouldn’t talk over the seminal opening chords of charly. When Hyperspeed was launched the hypnotically catchy lyrics cemented my life long love affair.
When the mainstream caught up with music for the jilted generation, I was 15 on a family holiday with my Walkman. Remember having to hit rewind and it took forever for the cassette to reach that spot you had to chronologically guess!!!! Their law, voodoo people and no good start the dance were & still are dance anthem classics.
College years saw fat of the land… smack my bitch up with the video’s twist of the woman being the protagonist….I loved! Yeah guess what women get pissed, love sex & can wreck the gaff!!!! Their music was so inhibited & alongside it so was I…
Warriors dance still had that energy and that visceral killer hook that just fuels every cell in your being.
I remember being able to match Keith’s footwork at the point depot in Dublin New Year’s Eve….
A feeling of energetic connection with everyone & everything.
Mad thing is…I’ve never done drugs in my life. I hear of folk who had all these holotropic & psychedelic experiences….I never needed it as I got that from a live prodigy gig.
I also had so much fun!
Spontaneous footwork dance offs…all in good fun! Everyone rising & falling rhythmically to the beat. If I’ve ever encountered a tribal sensation of complete connection en masse, it was at Prodigy concerts.
Their music is fused into my being and played a major part in the tapestry of my teenage years and as I became a woman. I vented my frustration at being different, an outsider who never belonged to any group, except this group whose freak light burned proudly & brightly as a beacon for all us Wild souls.
As an expectant mum, I played all kinds of music to my bump…you guessed it…the Prodigy was the only music that got the kicks!!!
I don’t know when I stopped dancing…growing older, responsibilities, the shit life throws at you. Keith’s death today reminded me how fucking short life is. Mediocrity is so toxic.
As I blare my Prodigy albums the memories are dancing around me.
I’m dancing.
Thank you Keith. For everything….

By Fiona Faery

21 February, 2019 10:57

I’ve been asked several times how did I grow my page / attract an audience etc. The truth is there’s no magic recipe. It’s simply being authentic and I share or create content that I find inspiring.
I also have an amazing assistant that works with me on an intuitive level. Teresa only has to say, “Fiona will you write a piece this week”, and I get the creative juices flowing & Inspiration tends to find me!
I’ve come to realise that what I define as spiritual may not match your definition and that’s ok.
It would be a boring life if we all held the same views , but if we can be respectful of each other’s views we can stand to learn a lot.
When I was running for student president back in college, my two girlfriends heard two other girls discussing me at the washbasins. “I don’t know about her, she’s too passionate about stuff!”
My friends thought this was hilarious as they reckoned being passionate was a virtue and the very reason to give me a vote, but nevertheless an interesting insight.
I began to realise that no matter who I was or what I said, I would always inevitably piss somebody off. So I may as well do what makes me happy right?
I wouldn’t be twenty again for all the tea in China! My twenties felt so insecure, I didn’t really know what I wanted from life. My thirties motherhood & my career fought for equal footing in my priorities. It wasn’t until I hit my 40’s did I feel like I had finally found my stride! Knowing who you are as a woman is incredibly powerful. Knowing my strengths & accepting my weaknesses enables me to hold a sacred space for my clients. There is zero judgment as I understand why a certain path initiated a sequence of events in a clients life that led to the current situation being lived out in full technicolor!
If I find a certain repetitive pattern in Sittings, I write about it. As I feel it will help shine a light into another’s world.
We carry around these feelings of shame, disgust, fear, anger, sadness & self-loathing. We bottle it all up and believe on some level we are not worthy of joy or happiness.
I’ve found the folks with the darkest struggles have often the deepest appreciation of happiness.
I’ve noticed those who have been isolated have the biggest hearts of compassion for their fellow man.
I’ve conducted readings through a monitored prison phone line where the prisoner wanted to know about finding love when he was released. I’ve read for a priest who had to leave his parish as he was struggling to reconcile his views , I’ve read for a young man scared of coming out to his religious family, a woman secretly seeing her boss.
I remember one ‘happily’ married older gentleman asking me did I see a young thing on the cards for him!!!! Every single walk of life you can think of I’ve read for!
In the midst of this I’ve been on my own learning curve with spirit.
I will never stop learning.
I’ve always been excited to connect with a client. I know my clients feel it too! Once I connect in with their soul energy I’m off!
There are invariably times where I don’t really click with a client. I can tell you straight away that they are the usual “you tell me” brigade!
As if I was telepathic!
I’m more interested in working with clients that want to effect change in their lives not simply to get their kicks!
That may sound harsh but it’s the truth! I’ve had a lifetime of trying to fit inside a politically correct box and now I live life on my own terms!
One thing I’ve noticed is, that we are all having our intuitive abilities awakened. The great mass awakening has started.
Nowadays , folk are calling bullshit much quicker than ever. Political structures will buckle & collapse as people are realising their true power in unity. We are collectively tuning in to our gut feelings and acting on it. Growth is uncomfortable. It makes other people uncomfortable.
You just have to keep growing.
Folk will tell you, you’ve no business growing. You will be challenged on your growth. Keep growing.
The Facebook counter clicks to 10,000! Thank you for following me. Thank you for being part of my journey on this planet that’s hurtling through space & time as I type these words. Thank you for your presence on this page.
Here’s to growing, learning & laughing together in 2019.

©️Fiona Ní Mhuirri

By Fiona Faery

6 February, 2019 14:59

I read for nurses all over the world. Many of whom would rather be working here in Ireland. I read for exhausted student nurses who are put under unbelievable pressure & left in compromising situations because of the staffing crisis. Some of my clients fly back to Ireland on the weekends from working in the UK, as they have no other choice to make a basic wage. Having spent time in hospital last year, being admitted through a&e, I saw the absolute diabolical conditions they face. All the time being professional & courteous.
I had my bloods taken at a waiting area for visitors with people walking by, all the while the kind nurse was reassuring & apologizing for the lack of privacy.
I saw scared faces on trolleys, tempers flaring in frustration & nurses doing their goddamn best to treat patients.
I came away from my hospital stay with such a renewed respect for them. I witnessed true grace under fire.
As a citizen of this country I stand alongside the nurses of this country. I fully support pay parity. The government has to wake up and recognize we are haemorrhaging our resources to other countries. To all the nurses reading this, I think you are wonderful. Thank you for being there for me in my time of need & I’m here for you now…

©️Fiona Ní Mhuirri

By Fiona Faery

5 February, 2019 10:33

This one is for all the mediums on the Book of Face.

It’s so easy to get burnt out. To feel a weariness so deep in your bones you wonder, was your guardian angel drinking the day you designed your soul chart!
We work in an unregulated industry. Where any Tom, Dick or Harry can buy a deck of Angel cards & set themselves up as a 7th son of a 7th son…..we’ve all heard the nightmarish stories.
Not only does the genuine developing medium have to work through their own self-doubt, whilst trying to strengthen their connection to spirit; They face criticism from their own peers. I actively avoid cliques.
Every week clients sit in front of me sharing their “fortune teller” experiences (it’s probably why I hate the term so much)!
Then you have the those that outright condemn psychics, tarring us with the same brush.
There are those that patronise, saying, we may mean well but are mentally unwell as what we do simply cannot & does not exist.

“For those who believe, no proof is necessary, for those who do not, none is ever enough!”

Then you have the perils of working in an unregulated industry. I have worked at fairs in the past, where I heard readers offering to lift curses, attachments & undercut other readers fees. I’ve seen stand off rows between readers over issues too petty to post here.

The ego will trick you at every corner. I’ve witnessed fantastic mediums torn to shreds as a result of jealousy. I’ve been accused of having entities attached to me (There’s no way she’s that busy -she’s made a deal with the devil- I kid you not!)
I’ve had so much treachery come from my ‘own kind’ it’s laughable.

As our mediumship evolves via online readings- technology also opens new portals to destroy ones reputation. Trolls posing as dissatisfied clients- other frauds wishing to take -out another reader -take to forums & Facebook – judge & jury rolled into one- it would sicken the strongest stomach.
If you’re reading this and you’re weary. Wondering where the hell is spirit in all of this? Thinking -why have I put myself up for such criticism in front of friends,family & the outside world only to find out that I’ve more to bloody worry about on the inside!
If you’re reading this and you’re just off the phone bitching about your colleagues- YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM! It might feel so delicious having a gossip, feeling superior to another. All this in the name of spirit…..
Do you truly understand Karma?
As it understands you perfectly.

I have the novel exception of having a degree in Marketing- which keeps me very grounded. I do not suffer fools. I’m a friendly person but will not abide insincerity in any shape or form. Most two-faced gossips tend to shrivel in my presence or run in the opposite direction as I’ve no problem speaking my truth. Thing is, I wasn’t always like this!

I entered this industry in my early twenties. I was so naive. I thought that being a spiritual person meant = you were a good kind honest person. Wow I was so wrong. Being spiritual is bloody tough. You are schooled in life & the only way to do this is through experience. You must have your heart broken, you must feel the sting of betrayal- you must forsake all in the name of integrity. The path to enlightenment is littered with broken bodies. Wounded souls who have given up. Who no longer have the confidence – faith or motivation to keep on swimming.
So they tread water. If they swim into your slip stream it will be very hard to shake them, for they will have knowledge & experience you desire, but as soon as you begin to find your strength they will remind you of your shortcomings. Tell you of other stronger swimmers, make you doubt your abilities. When you finally break away from them, you are adrift, confused? How did I let this person influence my opinions? Why did I give my power over so readily?
This person may also influence many others so you may even find yourself ostracised from an entire community.

Support is invaluable to the developing & advanced medium. Whether you’re an emotive clairsentient or straight from the hip-shooting claircoginent – having other mediums to support your growth and bounce dreams, symbols, signs off, can be incredibly helpful.

Jealousy is rife within this industry. Once you accept that & learn to check yourself when you feel you are being petty you won’t go too far wrong. I’ve sat in the presence of famous mediums who have muddied the names of other well known mediums for the most petty of reasons. I’ve always told my students, the ego will tell you that you are shit or shit-hot! It will catch you where you are most vulnerable and feed off that. The most common feeling is that of inadequacy. I’m not good enough! Brilliant- the ego will keep you in the corner afraid to draw any attention to your beautiful heart . Watch your thoughts – they become intentions- your intentions become reality.
So, if you feel you’re not good enough, you will unwittingly set off a chain reaction of events & circumstances into your life TO VALIDATE YOUR NEGATIVE MINDSET.
Now on to the other breed- the shit hots. These ones get off by putting other mediums down. They’ve done every course their is to do-normally on first name terms with all the greats and love to tell you where you are going wrong in your mediumship, as a matter of fact will tell everyone where you’re going wrong. Sad thing is, these ones tend to have pretty strong personalities and it’s just easier to sit there and let them bitch & assassinate another’s reputation as long as they leave you alone….right? WRONG.
You’re compliance ensures their dominance. You may as well bad mouth the individual as well. Silence is the cowards weapon of choice.
Remove yourself from the company of such individual/s. If you feel you can’t truly express yourself for fear of being judged- it’s very wrong for you to be around folks you don’t trust!
I get told- “but Fiona, you don’t understand- there’s no where else teaching this course or no-one else that shares my interests” So what? You stay in a destructive cycle with psychic bullies? WTF!!!

Has it ever occurred to you- that spirit are waving big massive red flags at you – trying to get you to move the hell on- but you’re too busy being a martyr to the cause you can’t see the writing on the wall….!

There will always be people in this life who won’t like you. Deal with it. This need to be liked & accepted is natural , but if you are truly to advance & listen to your soul’s guidance- you are going to piss people off- period!

Stop trying to fit it- you don’t! You were born with distinctive abilities to help people who are wrestling with the darkness of bereavement. You have been sent to punch a hole through grief. To give hope where all is lost. To remind someone of how powerful they can be. In order to do this you must shine your own light. Follow your own heart. Trust- trust- trust that you shall never be led astray. You will meet some wonderful magical people- you will also meet some very messed up bat-shit crazy people too. Always remember if you follow your own truth you won’t go far wrong.
We all come here to work through karma from various life-times whilst simultaneously incurring karma In the present. Be aware of your actions. None of us are perfect. You can take a massive leap forward In your own development by being aware of your own words. All words carry energy. They carry needles of poison or are ampules of encouragement. You and you alone control what comes out of your mouth. You didn’t chose this path – it chose you…..
Start to see the signs- recognise the beauty & eloquence of spirit. Stop caring so much about what people think & just do it!
Failure is a natural part of life. There is always a lesson behind the pain. The trick here is to get past the pain and not allow it to hinder you or taint your vision to what lies beyond.

So much greatness awaits. The joy of blending your soul with spirit. The honor it is to be present when the light comes back into a persons eyes & you know their soul has re-ignited once more. This is what you were born to do.
Now get over yourself and DO IT!

(C) Fiona Ní Mhuirri

By Fiona Faery

29 January, 2019 10:33

I adore teaching. There is no greater joy then seeing a person begin to understand their Mediumship ability and begin their journey of development in earnest.
I’m always asked about the level of experience needed to do a beginners level. The simple answer is…none!
In truth the natural medium will always have had a sense around certain events in their lives. Recurring dreams, prophetic dreaming, seeing loved ones in spirit would’ve been part of their past. Society teaches us to repress this information and the individual never learns how to access their abilities. For some, certain life events can trigger an awakening of their abilities. My method of teaching is through laughter, repetition & patience!
The novice medium has usually spent a life time of being self critical. My 5 month course aims to build confidence within yourself and trusting your developing abilities.
You will also be joined on your journey by a handful of like-minded individuals. Privacy is sacred & what is shared within the sacred circle stays there.
There are assignments to be completed each month. Usually on an aspect of Mediumship, to further your education in this area.
I’ve lost count the amount of times students have felt they never fitted in anywhere, only to feel a sense of connection as they finally realized their potential.
Mediumship is a journey of the soul. It is a journey of unfolding & understanding. Above all, realizing how connected we truly are.

My next beginners course commences on Sunday 10th of February at the Carnbeg Hotel, Dundalk. Intermediate level commences in Sligo in March.

If interested or know anyone that is, please send email to fiona@fionafaery.ie for more information!

By Fiona Faery

24 January, 2019 12:11

An open letter to Doreen Virtue

Hi Doreen,

As a young teenager I would call over to my best friend’s house. She shared a room with her big sisters. One of which had a deck of animal Medicine cards under her bed. When she would be out, we would take it in turns to read each other’s cards. The bedroom smelled of incense & had hand painted Louise L. Hay affirmations surrounding the mirror. I loved lazy Saturday afternoons, lying on that bedroom floor ruminating on the various meanings….When Hughes & Hughes opened in the jervis street centre,(in Dublin. Ireland) it was the first time I sneaked out of school to buy that same deck. I still have that same animal medicine deck today.
The book still smells of coconut candles & it feels like an old friend when I begin to shuffle the cards.

Many years later, the hay house phenomenon that was Doreen Virtue rolled into town. Back then I was a single mum on lone parent’s allowance. Every penny I had was precious & like all us mothers any spare money I had, I spent on my baby. Family & friends would treat me to a deck of Doreen Virtue’s Angel cards.
A friend of mine even surprised me with a seminar with You back in the last boom years. Tickets were €150 for the afternoon. I stress it was not a course, no refreshments were provided. When we arrived at the R.D.S. The full extent of the hay house marketing wheel was evident. Wall to wall vendors selling hundreds of Doreen Virtue, Books, cds, magnets, cards. Anything you could stick an angel on it was there!
I begun to become disenchanted & disillusioned with you Ms. Virtue. At your peak, a 2 day experience swimming with Dolphins & Yourself was $1000, that by the way didn’t include flights etc.
I found your books becoming repetitive, telling the same car jacking story, the re-telling of the same experiences.
At this point your decks kept coming. I have my favorites, Healing with the angels deck & Healing with the faeries deck were the decks I began reading for the general public with.

I’ve followed Your career, your divorces, a brief spell in a new age rock group, your entanglement with the I.R.S. , one massive alimony settlement with Steven Farmer,
Your new found faith etc.
Then came the announcement….
Following a meeting with Reid Tracey of Hay house, of whom you’ve been a massive cash cow for nearly 20 years. You were renouncing the very thing you had singlehandedly made popular culture….Angel Cards!
Not only were you renouncing the cards, you also wanted various publications taken off shelves & never reprinted. (Angels & Ascended masters being a major thorn in your evangelical side).
Today you went a step further….
Following your revelations with Christ you’ve published a list (how helpful!), of all the evil new age practices that are in league with the devil.
It is Official.
Doreen Virtue you have gone batshit…
Full metal jacket bible bashing bananas…..
You need to be called out on your hypocritical bullshit. The amount of times I had to read about your special relationship with Archangel Michael and how he always fixed your car issues or computer problems..so now that was Satan… ahhhh I’m with you now Doreen…
Actually, Jesus take the wheel!

Let me get this straight, you made millions from the Angels & your “divine” connection with them. You lost millions because you weren’t honest with the tax man, made bad choices with husbands & your money,
then you found Jesus ….(that’s a pretty lucrative Bible Belt) and now those of us who spent hundreds, if not thousands on your courses & merchandise were misled by you?
Or was that Satan again? I’m finding it very hard right now to separate you both, ironically.
Any solicitors on Social media here…feel like taking a collective lawsuit? To stop this manipulative woman from ever inflicting her wretchedness on the general public ever again.

Here’s the thing Doreen!
I’m happy you found the Jesus that works for you, for now. I couldn’t care less if you dance naked on your lawn wearing a Tin foil hat to protect you from all the evil energy those pissed off angels must be sending you, I wouldn’t even be surprised if Hay house has a dart board with your face pinned to it for the public relations nightmare you are causing them.
They are big corporate boys, there’re going to be ok.
However I’m seriously disgusted by your attempts to denegrate & destroy the holistic community. Beautiful treatments such as reiki, crystals , angel readings (unbelievable…..). You have said are in league with the devil.
I cannot fathom this.
I’m a medium. I’m also a psychic.
The connections I’ve made with spirit have always been loving. As spirit is pure love. In the end we pass into a consciousness of pure unconditional LOVE.
My guidance has always been ethical & always for a persons highest good.
I always found you however superficial. Your expression love & light, I made my own! I used to call the spiritual snobs the love & shight brigade. You were one of those that spouted rainbows & cupcakes.
Now all of a sudden your acknowledging the world has a dark side?
I’ve news for you Doreen.
This is Hell.
We have to live in this world of paedophophiles, rapists & murderers. They are wars & famines. Narcissistic world leaders. They are parasites whose entire purpose is to burrow into the eyes of a child to render them blind.
There is disease & sickness, heartbreak & betrayal.
We learn the lessons and we go home.
You & I believe in a completely different god.
Real spirituality is ugly. For it is only when you are in a dark place can you really appreciate the light.
Life is shadow & light. I won’t live my life terrified of an omnipotent all powerful god who condemns Me on my sexuality, morality or otherwise.
Nor will I have some so called “spiritual” person give me guidelines (with love of course..) of what I can & can’t believe in, when you’ve spent the last 20 years prostituiting every last cent you could get your greedy paws on off the backs of your fallen angels.
I’m aware of your charitable donations as your god scares the shit out of me. There must be a roasting pit waiting for you after all the hard graft you’ve put in for Old Nick.

Lastly, I’ve news for you Doreen.
People are waking up to this bullshit. I will always be grateful for the channel you facilitated through your “spiritual growth”, but now like your beliefs you are now redundant.

Love & light 😳
Just kidding…Go fuck yourself! (That was Satan….my bad!)

Fiona Ní Mhuirri

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By Fiona Faery